Tips for Applying Foundation on Dry Skin in Winter Season

Tips for Applying Foundation on Dry Skin in Winter Season

Dry Skin in Winter Season: If your skin becomes dry in winter or is already dry then it will be very difficult to apply makeup. Because if makeup is not done properly on dry skin, then it makes the skin look more rough and dry. According to experts, in the winter season, dry skin people have to apply foundation in just the right way and only this can give you a completely shiny and natural glowing makeup look. That’s why here we have brought expert tips for applying foundation especially for dry skin. So let’s know then how to apply foundation on dry skin in winter season.

Tips for Applying Foundation on Dry Skin in Winter Season

Tips for Applying Foundation on Dry Skin in Winter Season

Prepare your skin before applying foundation

Before applying foundation, you should thoroughly cleanse, tone, moisturize and exfoliate your face. It sets the base with a soft, glossy finish. Exfoliation especially helps you get rid of flaky and dry skin in winters. After doing this, when you apply foundation, your skin will look very smooth and shiny.

Always apply foundation on damp skin

Always keep in mind that those with dry skin should never apply foundation on dry skin in winter. This will not only make your skin look bad but it will also become dry. For this, apply foundation only on damp skin. There must be moisture on the face, for this you use a moisturizer and primer containing vitamin E. It smooths out facial lines and will keep the foundation in place for a long time. (Dry Skin in Winter Season)

Use a damp sponge for foundation

If you have dry skin from winters and above, then the method of blending the foundation should be right. The best solution for this is to use a wet sponge. To blend the foundation, take the sponge under the tap to give it a good soak and then squeeze out the excess water and use it. Then see the blending of your foundation is like butter. (Dry Skin in Winter Season)

Mix moisturizer with foundation

If you don’t have foundation for dry skin, mix a moisturizer with it. Moisturizer will give your matte foundation a smooth texture, so it blends easily and will also keep skin hydrated. You can also add a little go-to facial oil to your foundation for a healthy, natural glow. (Dry Skin in Winter Season)

Can you mix highlighter for a natural glow?

In winter, people with dry skin feel that their face looks worse after makeup. This happens when your makeup base is not right. That’s why you can give your face a natural glowing look by mixing liquid highlighter in your foundation to get a smooth and shiny makeup look.

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