5 Things You Can Do Early Morning in Delhi

5 Things You Can Do Early Morning in Delhi

Delhi is famous for many things and you can do a lot of things here. You can do all that in Delhi so that you do not feel bored, no matter what time of the year it is. Delhi has a wonderful morning and because of this, you can do a variety of activities here to make your morning more special. Because of this, today we have brought you 5 such things that you can do in the morning in Delhi.

Take a Yulu Ride

Yulu ride is a good option to explore the city and it is eco-friendly as well. You will not get tired like this and you will also be able to enjoy the wonderful weather of the city. Yulu has collaborated with Delhi Metro and charges Rs.10 for 10 minutes. The best part is that you can see and enjoy the city life in an eco-friendly way.

5 Things You Can Do Early Morning in Delhi

Boat ride on Yamuna Ghat

You can take a boat ride on Yamuna Ghat in the early morning and enjoy the wonderful weather and the surrounding view. Here you will get beautiful views and good vibes. Also, from November to February, Yamuna Ghat looks very beautiful in the morning and migratory seagulls are also seen here. If you are a photographer, then pick up your camera and get ready to take great pictures here.

Do Yoga or Go for a Walk in The Beautiful Gardens

In the morning, if you want, you can go to the beautiful gardens or park of Delhi. Doing yoga in these gardens full of beautiful trees and plants is another fun and at the same time you can start your day well. Some of the beautiful gardens and parks in Delhi are to name a few- Indraprastha Park, Budda Jayanti Park, Lodhi Garden, Nehru Park etc.

Go to The Flower Market

Delhi is a beautiful city and you can do a lot of things here in the morning. One of these is the flower market, where you can see many different types of flowers. In this place you can see beautiful flowers and if you want, you can also buy flowers like roses, lilies or orchids etc. for your home.

Have a Delicious Breakfast

Delhi is very famous for its food and you get all kinds of food here. Also, in the morning you have many types of food options and because of this you can eat many things like Chole Kulcha, Aloo Poori, Poha etc. in the morning. So if you are in Delhi then you must try all these things once.

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