Everyone should know why Kareena and Malaika take their children to the shooting

Everyone should know why Kareena and Malaika take their children to the shooting

Doing a job is a very challenging job for any girl. When a girl has a job, she manages her personal life in addition to her professional life. The responsibility is especially nice for children. In it, women often take their children with them to work. These items have been seen many times in Bollywood industries as nicely. Actually, not long ago, similar photos of Kareena Kapoor and Malaika Arora went viral, which raised many questions.

In these photos, Kareena Kapoor was seen taking her son Taimur to the shooting set. Apart from that, Malaika Arora has additionally been seen on the set with her son. It raises the question within the minds of many people as to why this star mother finally takes her children to the movie set. Today we’ll discuss this matter in addition to the benefits of taking children to work.

When I work, I haven’t got the opportunity to spend more time with my children. You will get the feeling of being with children while you take them to work together. Within the meantime you should also keep some books to your children, so that if you are busy at work, the child may even be busy with these books. Being with children at work additionally has a positive effect on the brain.

The child doesn’t live alone

Often each dad and mom are so busy that the children are left alone at house. A similar problem arose with these artists. Saif and Kareena are mostly busy shooting the movie. In, if the schedule of each is not empty, then Taimur goes on a shoot with one of many dad and mom. If a child lives alone at house, it can have a negative effect on his brain. On the same time, the emotional bond with her dad and mom seems to be breaking down. That is why taking children to work is the best option.

A sense of honor

The child is usually cherished at house. Teva loves it more and is a little scared of her father. One of many consequences of that is that the child begins to take his mom lightly and his ijjat additionally begins to decrease. On this situation the child needs to be taken together with the need to the job. If the child sees your staff respecting you, they may even study to respect you. Other than that he may even get acquainted with the other side of your nature. Every girl’s temperament is different at house and at work. This may give the baby an opportunity to get to know the mother more closely.

Will study

When a child comes to work with you he will see many strangers. It will be in a new environment. He may even study a lot of good things right here. On the same time, his social skills may even begin to develop. Just for all these reasons, from Kareena to Malaika, she takes her children to work together.