Exercise Before Sleeping and Side Effects

Exercise Before Sleeping and Side Effects

Exercise Before Sleeping and Side Effects: We all know that light exercises keep your heart strong and promote good metabolism. Just brisk walking for 20-30 minutes every day will burn calories, lower cholesterol and remove toxins. Also, when you practice yoga or exercise regularly, you also stay away from your addictions. But there is a right time to exercise. If you exercise regularly but do it at the wrong time, it will not help you. know Exercise Before Sleeping and Side Effects.

Exercise Before Sleeping and Side Effects

If you are busy throughout the day and exercise before sleeping at night, then you should change this habit immediately. Because according to a new study in this topic, exercising before bed affects your heart rate and this also adversely affects your sleep (Exercise Before Sleeping). Many people think that exercising at night makes the body tired and then sleeps well. But the new study says the opposite.

Exercise Before Sleeping and Side Effects

Heartbeat Increases

According to this study, exercising during the night increases your heartbeat, which can make it difficult to sleep. Exercising usually leads to dehydration and the release of stress hormones in the body, which keeps you alert. Bright lights and stress hormones in the gym prevent the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone).

Sleep Disturbances

When you exercise, the adrenal glands are activated to produce adrenaline, which is called epinephrine. This starts our heart in top gear and gets the heart rate up. It also increases oxygen levels and blood flow to the muscles. This disturbs your sleep.

Stimulates the Nervous System

Intense exercise can stimulate the nervous system and increase the heart rate, which can take time to return to normal. Due to this you are not able to sleep properly throughout the night. Especially if you have done exercises like running, swimming, cycling and weightlifting before sleeping. It takes time for the nervous system to recover anyway, as it is an important factor for hand-foot-eye coordination. When the nervous system is at high speed, it can cause body tremors, which can lead to muscle pain and decreased sleep.

Muscles can be weak

When you work hard, your muscles break down. That is why it is very important to take rest along with work. Exercising before bed can disturb your sleep and hinder muscle development.

Expert Tips

– Exercise at least three hours before bedtime.

– Take a warm water bath to relax your muscles.

– Light a fragrant candle or oil for good fragrance in your bedroom for good and deep sleep.

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