Cholesterol Deposits Around Eyes Spot Removing Treatment

cholesterol deposits around eyes spot removing treatment

Eyes Spot Removing Treatment: When the amount of cholesterol in the body starts increasing, then its effect starts clearly visible on your face. White raised marks appear above and below the eyes due to the accumulation of cholesterol. Many people ignore these spots thinking that it is a simple skin disease. But let us tell you that this is not a skin disease. Small spots around the eyes and the appearance of large white pimples are a sign of increased cholesterol in the body. As the cholesterol rises, the skin around the eyes forms a yellowish blister-like appearance. It is also called xanthelasma.

Cholesterol Deposits Around Eyes Spot Removing Treatment

The appearance of such marks around the eyes, accumulation of cholesterol can be a sign that a person is at risk of heart attack. Although this scaly skin does not harm you, but many times people want to remove it because of the blemishes on the face. It should be noted that many people try home remedies to remove such scars, but skin specialists do not recommend doing so at all. So let us know what are the correct treatment methods to remove the traces of cholesterol accumulated near the eyes.

cholesterol deposits around eyes spot removing treatment

Fridge Therapy

Nowadays doctors are removing the accumulated cholesterol through cryotherapy. It is a modern method of removing blemishes from the skin, which is very safe and painless. But in doing so the opinion of experts should be taken into account. This is because sometimes post-treatment hypopigmentation causes the skin to lighten in the area where cholesterol accumulates, making it look different.

Electric Needle

Electric needles are a new way to remove cholesterol that accumulates near the eyes. This treatment is called electrodesiccation. In this treatment, the doctor burns the skin with the help of a hot needle and removes the excess parts. One of the characteristics of our body is that it repairs itself. Therefore, after electric needle treatment, the skin recovers quickly and becomes the same as before. But this treatment does not remove the deep-deposited cholesterol.

Laser Technology

With the help of laser technology, this layer of cholesterol deposited on the eyes can be removed very easily and without any pen. A few days after laser removal of the skin layer, new skin appears, which is as healthy as before. It may take 1-2 weeks for the skin to heal. For this you have to consult a good dermatologist. Laser removal is a common practice these days and this treatment is available in most places and is completely safe.


If the cholesterol is very high and there are thick white layers near the eyes, then even laser technology may not work. In this case you can have surgery. But the problem is that many times the cholesterol stock is removed after surgery, but the scars of the surgery remain. Sometimes skin tissues are attached incorrectly during treatment. Due to which the eyelids can become crooked and their shape can be distorted. But if you are getting surgery from a professional surgeon, then this risk is slightly reduced.

Chemical Peels

If you do not want to undergo laser treatment or surgery, then you can also remove such cholesterol deposits with the help of chemical peels. In this treatment, it is removed with the help of trichloroacetic acid. But there is also a problem with this treatment that on the patient whose skin is sensitive, these chemicals have a bad effect on the body. Therefore, this treatment method is avoided as much as possible.

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