Facial Yoga: What, Why and How to do it

Facial Yoga What, Why and How to do it

Facial Yoga: If you are very busy and are not able to take out time to take care of yourself, then take out just 10 minutes from your schedule and try this facial yoga. This yoga is also important because it keeps the facial muscles healthy as well as makes the facial wrinkles, withered face attractive and beautiful.

Here we are telling you special tips to do facial yoga in 10 minutes.

How to do Facial Yoga

1. Keeping the neck straight, move the eyebrows up and down.

2. Shrink 2 eyebrows, put cross and standing hair on the forehead.

3. Keep the neck straight and look up and down.

4. Rotate the eyes in both directions.

5. Rub your palm on the eyes and keep it for some time.

6. Wash your eyes with cold water morning and night.

7. Inflate and loosen 7 nostrils.

8. Open and close the mouth completely.

9. Move the jaw left and right.

10. Shrink and stretch your lips.

11. Show and close the teeth.

12. Inflate the Balloon from the mouth.

13. Keep the teeth on the teeth and press firmly.

14. Pull the foreskin of the neck, tighten the jaw.

15. While counting to ten, move the neck back.

16. Shake the mouth full of water.

17. Clean the face daily before sleeping. If you are a working woman, clean it with deep cleansing milk.

Apart from exercise, a balanced diet brings real glow to your skin. Therefore, drink enough water, milk, curd, salad, fruits, green vegetables must be taken in the food. Avoid the strong rays of the sun and wear sunglasses.

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This time on International Yoga Day, take a new step towards the fitness of your skin. Try these yoga tips. Do this facial yoga 10 to 20 times daily for 5 to 7 minutes. You will start seeing the difference within 15 days.

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