Interesting Facts About Newborn Baby Skin and Hair

Interesting Facts About Newborn Baby Skin and Hair

Babies are like flowers. Their body is very soft and soft. The skin of a (Interesting Facts About) newborn baby is very soft and the hair on the head is also less. But it is not necessary that every baby has less hair on the head at the time of birth. There are many babies who have thick hair on their head at the time of birth.

In this article, we will talk about some such interesting facts related to the skin and hair of a newborn baby, which you may not have known about before. Let us know in detail in the article about 5 interesting facts (Newborn Baby Facts) related to the skin and hair of the newborn.

Interesting Facts About Newborn Baby Skin and Hair

Below are some interesting facts related to the skin and hair of a newborn baby, which every parent must know.

1. Baby’s Skin is 5 Times Thinner Than That of an Adult

By the time babies are one year old, their skin is very thin. Their skin easily absorbs and loses water. Because of this, there may be problems of dryness and skin irritation in babies.

If baby’s skin is not taken care of properly, then they are more prone to eczema and atopic dermatitis. The best way to prevent this is to always apply lotion after bathing children to keep the skin hydrated.

2. There may also be Acne and Spots on the Face of Babies.

The problem of acne and dark spots is common in teenagers and young adults. But you will be surprised to know that even a newborn can have acne on the cheeks, nose and forehead.

Baby acne in babies can be caused by the transfer of hormones from the mother’s body through the placenta towards the end of pregnancy. This problem gets completely cured on its own in a few weeks to months.

Don’t make the mistake of applying any moisturizing cream to babies. The ingredients present in them can cause infection on their skin. Keeping in view the needs of children’s skin, there are mild and natural moisturizers available in the market for them.

3. Massage is a Boon for Baby

You must have often heard about the benefits of massaging the baby from the mouths of elders, but do you know its benefits. Massage improves the physical and mental development of the baby. Along with this, blood circulation is better and the skin remains hydrated.

Therefore, after bathing the baby with lukewarm water, gently massage the skin with baby oil. For this you can use Baby Chakra Nourishing Massage Oil. This oil has been prepared from special Avocado, Almond, Organic Saffron and Sesame.

4. 80 Percent of Children have a Birthmark

Did you know that about 80 percent of babies are born with a birthmark? They can be black or blue on the face, arm, leg or body. Many people believe that the baby gets birthmarked because of something wrong done by the mother during pregnancy. However, it is not the case that most birthmarks are made on their own.

5. Newborn Baby Hair Loss

Hairfall begins in the first six months after a baby is born. However, this is not a concern. It is normal for a baby to lose hair in the early months. This happens due to low levels of hormones.

Babies grow new hairs soon after their hair fall, which is different from the earlier ones. Some children may have straight hair at first and the hair that comes later is curly.

Talk about taking care of the hair of a newborn baby, then the hair of children is very delicate. So parents need to be careful while choosing their shampoos. Always buy chemical free shampoo for baby. In such a situation, Baby Chakra Natural Strengthening Baby Shampoo can be a better option. This shampoo is made from natural products. Also, these shampoos are dermatologist tested.

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