Top 8 Fashion Brand in Australia

Top 8 Fashion Brand in Australia: There is no denying that Australia is home to an astoundingly diverse collection of talented designers. When it comes

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Top 8 Fashion Brand in Australia

Top 8 Fashion Brand in Australia: There is no denying that Australia is home to an astoundingly diverse collection of talented designers. When it comes to finding the latest fashion trends and must-have items, it’s easy to look overseas. We immediately feel cool when we see Australian clothing brands.

True fashionistas in Australia, on the other hand, are aware that local Australian labels are the source of the best wardrobe essentials.

If you’re looking for classic tailoring and resort wear, designs focused on sustainability, or on-trend, fashion-forward pieces, there is a local label for you to love among the almost endless pool of independent and locally owned brands.

Top 8 Fashion Brand in Australia

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  1. Golden Breed

Golden Breed Corporate office Headquarters: 34 – 36 Cook Street, Flinders VIC 3929, Australia

Golden Breed is now a company owned entirely by Australians. The Golden Breed was initially established on California’s sand-drenched beaches. In 1969, it was first started in California.

The tanned young boardriders were transformed into golden creatures by the golden hues of the light as the late afternoon sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

The Golden Breed brand followed the rapid rise of Californian surf and beach culture towards the end of the 1960s. (Fashion Brand in Australia)

After that, Golden Breed went on to have a significant impact on the global surf, skate, and motocross scenes.

  1. Posse

Posse Corporate Office Headquarters: 10-18 Orchard Rd Unit 18, Brookvale, New South Wales 2100

One of our favorite summertime labels is Posse. The brand is proud of its “less is more” approach, which relates to the toned-down aesthetic of the pieces as well as the label’s commitment to slow fashion.

It also boasts relaxed, feminine pieces that are ideal for a modern woman’s wardrobe. Posse focuses on high-quality, conscious fabrications, with pieces designed in Sydney and brought to life by its artisans in Bali and India. (Fashion Brand in Australia)

It only produces collections in limited quantities and slowly adds to its core collection when it knows a piece will sell out.

  1. Zimmermann

Zimmermann Corporate Office Headquarters: 120 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery NSW 2018, Australia

Zimmermann is a high-end fashion brand based in Australia. Nicky and Simon Zimmermann established Zimmermann in 1991. They quickly established a devoted following of smart, well-dressed women with an eye for high-quality fabrics and clever cutting.

Zimmermann started in a real sense and imaginatively in Sydney, with Nicky zeroing in on planning dresses and selling them at Paddington markets. Nicky would use her parents’ garage to design and make clothes during the week in preparation for the weekend market.

Nicky had the chance to hone her aesthetic and observe firsthand how women responded to fashion at the markets. (Fashion Brand in Australia)

Zimmermann operates a collection of independent stores all over Australia, creating enticing and dynamic retail destinations that reflect the brand’s optimistic and contemporary aesthetic.

  1. Bassike

Bassike Corporate Office Headquarters:  Unit 14, 2 daydream street, Warriewood, NSW 2102

Bassike, which debuted in 2006, is proud to produce environmentally friendly collections in collaboration with Australian artisans and suppliers. In order to encourage its customers to invest in items that they will hold onto forever, all collections are designed with a seasonless approach in mind.

These items include beautiful dresses and jumpsuits made of organic cotton, high-quality sustainable denim, and chic jersey basics.

  1. Aje

Aje Corporate Office Headquarters:  532 Riley St, Surry Hills, New South Wales, 2010

Aje is a modern Australian fashion label that emphasizes raw beauty, tough femininity, and effortless cool. In 2008, best friends Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest established Aje.

Unique design details like hand-cast hardware, contrast stitching, logo detailing, intricate beading, and tactile finishes make Aje a household name. (Fashion Brand in Australia)

Unique design details like hand-cast hardware, contrast stitching, logo detailing, intricate beading, and tactile finishes are what set Aje apart.

  1. Camila

Camila Corporate Office Headquarters:  3 Bowden St, Alexandria NSW 2015

Designer and artist Camilla Franks founded Camila in 2004 on Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Since its inception, Camilla has captivated the world’s imagination with its vibrant and iconic aesthetic for opulent resort and occasion wear.

Camilla combines the sophisticated styling of the most recent trends with the perfect blend of artisanal textures from around the world. This label’s collections feature stunning craftsmanship and fully realised themes.

The founder, Camilla Franks, will travel around the world twice a year to find ideas for the following season.

One of Australia’s most prominent fashion designers, Camilla Franks, is known for her imaginative escapism and artistic, creative, and intricate designs that incorporate tales from her travels abroad.

Print placement is meticulously planned into the design of each piece, resulting in individual printed artwork that flows beautifully across each body. (Fashion Brand in Australia)

  1. Alèmais

Alèmais is an Australian eco-conscious brand that also makes clothes. Alèmais’s goal is to bridge the gap between style and sustainability by making clothes that people will love to wear for a long time.

Shirts, dresses, and skirts are among its most recognizable designs. They are made of light fabrics like linen and hemp and covered in vivid prints that are inspired by nature. Alèmais is a modern brand that emphasises artisanship. (Fashion Brand in Australia)

Cultivating an adventurous spirit with a focus on social, environmental, and ethical issues. They value the methods and crafts of the past. They are committed to safeguarding the natural world.

  1. Oroton 

Oroton Corporate Office Headquarters:  58 Victoria St, McMahons Point NSW 2060

Oroton was established in 1938 with the goal of sourcing some of the world’s finest luxury materials and producing beautiful clothing using time-tested methods. (Fashion Brand in Australia)

The brand’s premium accessories and modern yet timeless clothing collections, the majority of which are made in neutral, elegant tones, have made it famous. (Fashion Brand in Australia)

Oroton is synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship, affordable luxury, and a beauty that is distinctively Australian.

Oroton has a long and reputable history thanks to its dedication to innovative design over the past eighty years and its use of time-tested materials and methods. (Fashion Brand in Australia)

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