Celebrity Fitness Trainer Kiran Dembla Weight loss Success Story

Kiran Dembla Weight loss Success Story: According to the changing lifestyle, fitness craze is increasing among men as well as women. Men often take out time to go to the gym and exercise. But when it comes to women, taking out time to take care of their health becomes a herculean task for many due to multiple responsibilities at home and outside.

But there are some women who follow a regular working lifestyle for good health without getting tired while performing the household responsibilities properly. Here today we are going to tell you the success story of a woman who has earned a name in the world of fitness while taking care of her family.

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Kiran Dembla Weight loss Success Story

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Kiran Dembla Weight loss Success Story

This story is about 45 years famous fitness trainer Kiran Dembla, who changed the meaning of life for all Indian women after marriage. Who has shown surprising body transformation of himself by breaking the taboo in every way. She showed the world what a common housewife wearing a saree could do. Kiran is more than 45 years old but no one can guess her age by looking at her muscles and figure. So let’s know about Kiran Dambla’s ‘Fat to Fit Journey’ –

The name of this woman who takes care of her health even after crossing the age of 45 is Kiran Dembla. At the age of 40, she lost 25 kgs and took fitness training and today is considered as Hyderabad’s hottest fitness guru. Although Kiran gives fitness training to many superstars too, but her own story is no less than a life changing success story.

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Kiran Dembla Weight loss Success Story

Kiran Dembla got married in 1999, after which she did not get enough time to take care of her health due to the hustle and bustle of the world. Meanwhile, in the year 2003, she gave birth to a daughter and after some time gave birth to a son as well.

When everything was going well, he fell ill. Blood clots formed in his brain. To overcome this disease, she was taking medicine on the advice of the doctor. But due to child care, household responsibilities and medication, her body weight increased to 74 kg.

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Kiran Dembla Weight loss Success Story

After the children grew up, Kiran thought that now the emphasis should be on reducing weight. He went to a gym near his house and started doing small and big exercises. With the advice of experts and hard work, he also reduced the increased body weight.

Kiran’s passion for fitness didn’t stop there, she decided to do something else. After shedding 25 kgs in a year, he focused on muscle training and built six-pack abs in no time.

Meanwhile, Kiran also completed a fitness course. Today he has three gym centers in Hyderabad. She also gives fitness training to some celebrities. It includes many actors like Bahubali director Rajamouli, actress Tamannaah Bhatia.

Kiran Dembla exercises for about one to two hours every day. Interestingly, she also does all the household chores herself. Through which they try to remain active throughout the day. At the same time, she includes a large amount of protein-rich foods in her diet. Which includes paneer, chicken, egg, fish, pulses. Apart from this, she also consumes fiber-rich green leafy vegetables.

There is really nothing a woman can do. Kiran’s story inspires crores of women to do something for themselves.

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