Food For Glowing Skin – Healthy Foods in Your Diet For Glowing Skin

Food for Glowing Skin – Healthy Foods in Your Diet For Glowing Skin

Food for Glowing Skin – There is no doubt in the fact that for healthy and beautiful skin, internal care is more important than external care. Unless we are healthy from inside, even external makeup cannot make us beautiful. For this, first of all it should be known that what kind of food we are consuming in our daily life.

If you are eating junk food, processed food, fast food or foods high in sugar on a daily basis, then whatever cosmetic products or home remedies you try, nothing is going to happen. The skin will be healthy from inside only then your face will be glowing and the skin will look bright and glowing. What food increases the glow of the face? We are telling you about some such food items and food products (glowing skin ke liye diet), whose consumption is no less than a boon for your skin.

What to Eat For Glowing Skin – Food For Glowing Skin

It is very important to have a healthy stomach

Food for Glowing Skin – Healthy Foods in Your Diet For Glowing Skin

Healthy stomach is very important not only for your external beauty but also for your inner beauty. Sometimes even after consuming nutrient-rich food products, our body is not able to absorb enough nutrients from them. There are millions of good and bad bacteria present in our stomach. The levels of these bacteria present in the body fluctuate daily depending on what we eat. These bacteria are the reason for the digestion and non-digestion of food in our stomach. The balance between good and bad bacteria keeps our gut healthy. To keep our stomach and intestines healthy, it is important to make sure that we are consuming healthy food in right quantity or not.

If the nutrition of food is not reaching our body, then no matter how much healthy food we eat, everything is useless. Now the question arises that how to make the stomach healthy? So the answer is probiotics and prebiotics food. Actually food is divided into these two parts. These two are completely opposite to each other. It is very important to be aware of these two for good gut health. Today we will tell you what you should eat to bring glow on the face. Also, we will tell how probiotics and prebiotics food benefits for the skin.

What is Probiotics and Prebiotics Food – Pre and Probiotics Food

Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that are packed with fiber and promote the growth of bacteria in the intestines. Also, it is very difficult to digest them. Conversely, probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in the gut and help improve digestion.

There are many health benefits of consuming probiotics in everyday life. Probiotics foods not only treat infections in our body but also promote healthy digestion and strengthen the immune system. In addition, they are also very effective for the skin.

The point to keep in mind here is that all prebiotics are fiber but not all types of fiber can be considered as prebiotics. But even after all this, there are many prebiotics food, which when applied on the skin brings glow to it. That’s why it is very important to first know which foods are rich in probiotics and prebiotics and how they benefit the skin.

Foods Rich in Probiotics for Skin – Probiotics Food for Skin


Make sure to include curd in your glowing skin diet. Curd is found in almost every household. Even today many people prefer to eat frozen curd at home over packaged curd. Yogurt helps to strengthen our immune system. It not only improves our digestive power but is also effective in keeping the increased blood pressure balanced. Apart from this, curd also helps in retaining the moisture of the skin and keeping it soft. Actually the lactic acid present in it acts as a natural exfoliator and gets rid of dead skin cells, acne and blemishes. Therefore, include curd daily in your diet.


Consumption of apples among fruits is enough to keep us healthy. You must have heard this saying that an apple a day keeps doctor away. Actually, apple is considered to be the main source of fiber, by eating which good bacteria are produced in the body. These bacteria also keep the pH level in the body balanced. Therefore, to keep the skin healthy from inside, definitely eat an apple a day. It is one of the best skin glowing food.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is considered a better source of probiotics. Anti-oxidants are found in it, which reduce harmful substances from the body. Apart from this, dark chocolate also keeps the digestive power healthy. It contains four times more probiotics than many types of dairy products. Consumption of dark chocolate also proves to be helpful in treating depression and anxiety. The probiotics present in dark chocolate increase the production of good bacteria in the stomach. When the body is healthy, the skin will glow on its own.


There are many vegetables that are rich in probiotics, such as spinach, carrots and beets. If you want to make the skin healthy and glowing, then include leafy vegetables in the food. Eating spinach increases the amount of blood in the body, due to which the skin glows. Beetroot works in a similar way. Beetroot works as a detox food in our body. Most of our skin problems are due to poor digestion. Beetroot brings glow to the skin by eliminating all stomach related problems. Doctors also recommend eating beetroot when there is a lack of blood in the body. On the other hand, carrots are always considered beneficial for the eyes, as well as it is also beneficial for our skin. Vitamin A is found in carrots, which helps in making the skin healthy from inside.

Foods Rich in Prebiotics for Skin – Prebiotics Food for Skin


Do you know that onions contain not one but three types of vitamins, A, C and E. All these vitamins are good for your skin and protect the skin from the UV rays of the sun. Sulfur is also present in it, which helps in cleansing the skin and prevents the growth of acne. If you want, you can also make a paste of onion and apply it on the face. For this, mix turmeric powder in onion juice and make a thick paste and apply it on the face. It will help to make your skin glowing, healthy and beautiful.


Garlic may be included in the prebiotics food list, but it is beneficial for the skin in many ways. By applying a little garlic on the skin, you can get rid of many problems. You don’t even need to do much for this. Just make a paste of some garlic and apply it on acne or white heads. Gradually it will disappear from your skin.


Antibacterial properties are found in abundance in honey, which is very effective in treating acne. It helps in moisturizing dry skin and keeps it soft and supple for a long time. To make a paste, you mix honey and oatmeal in a grated banana. Leave this mask on your face for about 10-15 minutes and then wash your face with lukewarm water.

Banana Peels

In the case of skin, along with banana, its peels are also beneficial. Banana peels are rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, potassium and zinc. If you have acne on your skin, then banana peels can prove to be the solution to your problem. For this, rub the peel on the acne area. After a day or two you will start seeing the difference.

Sunflower Seeds and Almond

Sunflower seeds and almonds both are very good for the skin. Adequate amounts of antioxidants and vitamin E are found in both. They protect the skin from sun, dust and pollution. Soak sunflower seeds and almonds in water overnight, eat these soaked almonds in the morning for breakfast. If you want, you can apply almond paste on the skin in many ways. It makes the skin healthy from both inside and outside.

How To Make Face Mask With Food Ingredients – Food Face Mask


Coconut oil is very beneficial for health as well as for the skin. Especially those with dry skin should definitely use coconut oil. Coconut oil not only keeps the skin clean but also nourishes it and makes it soft and glowing. To apply coconut oil.

Step 1: Heat some coconut oil.

Step 2: Apply it all over your face and neck.

Step 3: Now massage in circulation mode.

Step 4: Leave the coconut oil on the skin overnight and wash your face the next morning.


Having natural antiseptic properties, lemon removes all skin related problems. Lemon has natural bleaching properties. Being a natural lightening agent, it is very beneficial for the skin. Lemon works best when it comes to removing tan from the skin. This is the reason why lemon is also used in many beauty products. To make a lemon mask.

Step 1: Take out the egg white in a bowl.

Step 2: Now mix a few drops of lemon in it.

Step 3: Keep it on the face till it dries.

Step 4: After that remove it like a mask and wash the face with cold water. This will make your face glow.


Papaya contains an enzyme called papain. When used as a face mask, it helps to even out the skin tone and makes it soft and glowing. To make this mask.

Step 1: Cut a papaya into small cubes.

Step 2: Now put it in the grinder and grind it.

Step 3: Now prepare a mask by mixing a quarter cup of multani mitti and some honey in it.

Step 4: Now apply the mask on your face and after 30 minutes wash the face with water.


In the summer season, the consumption of cucumber works to keep the body cool from inside. If you have any kind of inflammation on your skin, then a paste made from cucumber helps in rejuvenating your skin. To make Cucumber Paste.

Step 1: Grate some cucumber slices and mix in a cup of curd.

Step 2: Now apply the prepared thick paste on the face with the help of a brush.

Step 3: After 20 minutes wash your face with cold water.


Carrots are not only good in taste, but are also very beneficial for the skin. Carrots have antioxidant properties, which are extremely beneficial for the skin. Carrot juice also benefits the skin. To make its juice.

Step 1: Take a cup of carrot juice and grind some ginger in a mixer.

Step 2: Now pour it in a clean glass.

Step 3: Drink this juice every morning for glowing skin. (mint leaves can be added for taste)

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