Include These Foods In Your Diet To Treat Ulcers Tips

Include These Foods In Your Diet To Treat Ulcers Tips

Ulcer patients do not even know in the beginning that some disease has caught them and when they come to know, it is too late. That is why if you have frequent mouth ulcers or are a patient of stomach ulcer, then pay special attention to your food and drink. Because stomach ulcer is very painful. Ulcers are ulcers or sores that occur inside the body at the opening of the small intestine or on the mucous membrane. In such a situation, to get rid of this pain, you need to pay attention to your diet. know Include These Foods In Your Diet To Treat Ulcers Tips.

Include These Foods In Your Diet To Treat Ulcers Tips

Actually, when we eat something, hydrochloric acid is formed in the stomach. This is how the digestion of food takes place. Sometimes due to indigestion, the acid moves up into the esophagus and causes a burning sensation. Its effect starts on the throat, teeth, breath etc. This causes blisters in the mouth. If you are also suffering from ulcer problem, then definitely include these foods in your diet and consume it regularly.

Aloe Vera juice for ulcer

Aloe Vera is extremely helpful in removing stomach sores and inflammation. In Ayurveda, aloe Vera juice is known as a panacea for ulcers. You can make and drink fresh aloe Vera juice at home.

Curd in ulcer

Eating curd is very beneficial for health. Yogurt also heals ulcers. Doctors also recommend eating curd to get rid of ulcers. Foods like yogurt are rich in good bacteria like probiotics. It helps ulcers to fight bacteria called H.

Basil leaves in ulcer

Basil leaves rich in medicinal properties can heal ulcers. Wash some basil leaves and keep them in the mouth for some time and then cut them slowly. Do this regularly. Because fresh juice of basil is very beneficial for mouth ulcers. The anti-bacterial property of basil helps in keeping the mouth away from infection.

Citrus fruit juice in ulcers

Citrus fruits and orange juice are known to be effective in treating ulcers. Ulcers are reduced by drinking a glass of juice daily. If the wound is detected after examining the stomach, then use half a cup of orange juice in the morning and evening. This fills the wound.

Green leafy vegetables in ulcer

Green leafy vegetables can be included in the diet for stomach ulcers. It is said that especially spinach has anti-ulcer properties, which can prove to be effective in reducing the problem of ulcers.

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