Which Foods Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy Planning?

Before planning pregnancy, a woman has to be fully prepared for it. If a woman is not completely healthy, it can lead to complications later on. At the same time, women are advised to be careful about their diet while planning a child, not only pregnancy.

If you are planning for pregnancy, then this article can be of use to you. Because in this article we will tell about some such foods, which should not be eaten by women planning pregnancy. Let us then know which foods you have to bye-bye to become a mother.

Which Foods Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy Planning?

During pregnancy, women are advised to take special care of their diet. But do you know that women should start taking care of diet even before pregnancy? Below are the foods that women trying to conceive should avoid.

1. Trans Fat Rich Food Items

Most of the women like bakery products. But if you are trying to conceive, then stay away from cakes, pastries, biscuits, chips, fast food etc. A research clearly shows that the food which contains trans fat is directly related to infertility in women. Foods rich in trans fats interfere with the production of insulin along with increasing cholesterol in the body.

2. Foods high in sugar and carbs

To stay healthy, it is said to take minimum sugar and carbs. When it comes to conceiving, then women should make a special distance from them. This is because sugar and carbs interfere with the production of certain nutrients that work to boost fertility.

Also, consuming excessive amounts of sugar and carbs increases the level of insulin in the body. Due to this the ovaries are affected and the chances of conceiving are less. Especially women suffering from PCOS should stay away from things containing high sugar and carbs.

3. Soya Foods

Soya is considered beneficial for our body. But if a woman is planning a pregnancy, then she should keep a distance from Soy. There are some such compounds present in soy, which act like the estrogen hormone present in the woman’s body.

4. Peas

It is difficult to believe this, but it is true that women planning pregnancy should not consume peas. It has been told in a research that women who consume regularly are less likely to conceive. This is because peas also contain chemicals like soybeans, which prevent the sperm from being fertilized with the egg. These chemicals act as natural contraceptives in a way.

5. Soda Drinks

Women planning pregnancy should keep themselves away from soda and high sugar drinks. Preservatives, fructose and artificial flavors are used in high amounts in it. All these things affect the synthesis of nutrients in the body. If they are consumed in excess, they are toxic to the body.

6. Sprouts

Sprouts are considered a mine of nutrients. You will be surprised to know that women planning pregnancy are advised not to consume sprouts. Actually, it can contain bacteria, which can leave a bad effect on health. It is considered better for women preparing for pregnancy to consume fresh and well cooked organic food. This also makes the chances of conceiving higher.

Hope this article written on pregnancy planning will prove to be informative for you. For women planning pregnancy, it would be better to keep a distance from the food items mentioned in the article.

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