Free Fire Max ob34 Update Battle Royale Mode Changes List in Details

Free Fire Max ob34 Update Battle Royale Mode Changes List in Details

The Battle Royale mode has received a lot of changes after the Free Fire MAX OB34 Update. Let us inform you in details about all those changes in this article.

Free Fire MAX OB34 Update has been released yesterday on 25th May 2022. If you didn’t know about this latest update, you can download Free Fire Max with this latest update on your Android or iOS device right now by visiting Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Not one but many changes have been made in Free Fire Max, but in this article we are going to talk about only those changes that have come in the battle royal mode of Free Fire MAX after this update. Let us tell you about the changes in this mode.

Airdrop Enhancement

Improved visuals for airdrops: Changes have been made to the Airdrop enhancements in Free Fire Max. The visuals of the airdrops have also improved.

Now completely forget about risking your life for an airdrop because now it will already have been robbed and will come as a gift from above, whereas that gift will be dropped randomly, it is not known Where will he land?

Garena Released this latest OB34 Update saying that, we have also improved some visuals for Airdrop to help you rob with less hassle.”

List of Changes

  • Optimized Light Beam on Airdrop: When an airdrop is robbed, the light will disappear even if there are few items left.
  • Airdrop Location Alert: When a player is near a pending airdrop, a signal will appear at the location where the airdrop will land.
  • Airdrops containing rare items will be signaled using bright light beams.
    Unattended airdrops will be signaled using faint light beams.
  • The Kalak indication will be adjusted for the Airdrop vending machine icon on the mini map.
  • Monster Trucks Deleted for Monster Trucks.

Visual Effects of Rare Loot

After this new update in Free Fire Max, rare items will also have a different kind of glowing effects. Garena said that, we have segregated the glow effects of rare items based on their rarity.

Different Glow Colors for Different Items

  • Gold: Level I Ultimate Weapons
  • Gold+: Level II Ultimate Weapons, Regular Airdrop Weapons, Upgrade Chips, Lv. 4 West, Lv.4 Helmet, and FF Coin Stakes (>500).
  • Red: Level III Ultimate Weapons and Upgraded Airdrop Weapons

Some other adjustments made in Battle Royale Mode

  • The interval for revival points has been increased from 600s to 620s.
  • The cost of hit list missions and UAVs in vending machines has been reduced from 600 to 400.
  • Vending machine changes

These items are no longer available

– M60
– M4A1

These new items are now available

– M24
– M1014
– Sniper Ammo (1 stack only)

Other changes after the new update in BR Mode

  • The quantity of made kits has been increased by 15 percent.
  • Ground spawn glue walls have been reduced by 10 percent.
  • Ultimate versions of the VSS and Kar98k will no longer be built on the ground.
  • Charge Buster is no longer on the ground but will be available in Airdrop and Airdrop vending machines.
  • The free weapons in Airdrop Vending Machine have changed to M14 and MP5.

Damage adjusted outside the Safe Zone

  • After being outside the safe zone for 170 seconds, the damage from the first shrink will increase to 3.
  • After being out of the safe zone for 270 seconds, the damage from the second shrink will increase to 6.
  • After being outside the safe zone for 360 seconds, the damage caused by the third shrink will increase from 4 to 12, while the rate of growth decreases.
  • After being outside the safe zone for 20 seconds, the damage caused by the fourth shrink will increase from 8 to 24, while the rate of growth slows down.
  • When the rate of growth is low, then the damage caused by the fourth shrinkage will increase from 8 to 24 if it is outside the safe zone for more than 20 seconds.
  • When a new safe zone is created, there is no refresh time to pick up damage.

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