6 Reasons Why Gardening Is A Perfect Hobby

6 Reasons Why Gardening Is A Perfect Hobby

Gardening does not mean that you grow your own vegetables or make your balcony look good, but it is also very good for health. It has been found in many studies that exposure to flora improves your mood, reduces stress and improves our blood pressure. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of gardening as well.

6 Reasons Why Gardening Is A Perfect Hobby

Reduces risk of chronic Diseases

One of its biggest advantages is that you can eat fresh food that is free of pesticides and at the same time healthy. Also, you do not need to go to the market again and again to get vegetables. You can go to your garden and pluck some vegetables and make them. It also reduces the risk of getting chronic disease.

Prevents Dementia

According to a study done on 2800 people, if people over the age of 60 do gardening, then their risk of dementia is reduced by 36 percent.

Being around Green is Good for Health

Many studies have found that if you live in a garden or near a garden, then your health is better. You are able to recover faster from surgery and at the same time there is less risk of anxiety or depression. Apart from this, you can also manage stress in a better way and it has many positive effects.

Controls Blood Pressure

Gardening for 30-40 minutes daily can help reduce LDL cholesterol levels and increase HDL cholesterol levels. In a Stockholm study, it was found that regular gardening reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack by 30% for people over 60.

Reduces Stress

Did you know that gardening can help reduce stress levels? According to a study, it was found that gardening fights stress better than other hobbies. Researchers tracked a group of people who completed a stressful task and were asked to read or go to the garden. Those who were in the garden had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Healthy Bones

Spending some time in the sun can help you get enough vitamin D, which is beneficial for our bones and immune system. Thus, if you want to have fun and improve your vitamin D, gardening is your solution!

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