Tips to Make Good Impression in Your New Office

Tips to Make Good Impression in Your New Office

We all want to leave a good impression of ourselves in the new office and impress everyone on the very first day itself. That’s because first impressions last for a long time and people know you that way. For this reason, we have brought here some such tips for you, with the help of which you can make a good impression in your new office.

Dress Professionally

The first thing people notice is the way you dress and it’s visible to people before you even speak. Because of this it is very important that you dress yourself professionally. Your dress up leaves a good impression on people at first.

Be Friendly But Not Too Friendly

Try to get to know the people working with you and be kind to everyone. You should give a sense to people that it is great and fun to work with you but that does not mean that you should be over friendly and make fun of your colleague or boss. Remember to be professional during this too.

Get The Job Done

On starting work in a new office, you may not complete the work or assignment given in the beginning, but you should make an effort to finish your task. This will let people know that you are ready to huddle and will make a good impression on you.

Play by The Rules

Do not try to change the rules too quickly after joining the office. It may not happen that everything goes according to you. However, if you feel that you can make yourself more productive in your own ways, then wait for a while and first establish your authority and build trust among people.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and whenever you have a doubt, ask about it. This shows that you really want to know about that thing and are interested in it. Asking questions and taking notes also helps you understand your work better.

Listen More Than Talk

It’s always good to focus more on listening rather than talking. When they are talking and if you interrupt, they can get upset and because of this your impression on them is not good.

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