5 Habits That are Increase Your Acne and Making it Worse

Acne is like a stain on the beauty of your face. Especially people who have oily skin, acne is the most troublesome for them. Due to sweating on the face in summer, acne increase even more. There is hardly any girl who likes this acne on her face. What do girls do to remove it? Many adopt home remedies, take branded creams from the market, even do not refrain from taking the medicines prescribed by the dermatologist. If after doing all this, your acne is increasing instead of decreasing, then some of your habits are involved behind it. Yes, in everyday life these habits work to increase acne on your face. Know these habits here and change them from today itself.

Break out Acne

This is a worst habit. When you break out your pimple, your skin cannot tolerate it. You are not only spreading bacteria this way but you are also spoiling your skin. We believe that it is not easy to see a big pimple every morning and evening. It makes you more irritable but bursting it is not the right solution. Let it take your time to go.

Using Multiple Products

What do you do with the hope that the pimple on your face will go away soon? Even if your friend said that the pimple goes away by applying toothpaste, then you will not mind applying it too. Not only this, she also applies face wash to face mask recommended by other people. Quit this habit immediately. It is not right to apply so many products on acne. On the contrary, it will work to increase your acne.

Allow Sweat to Accumulate on the Face

If sweat comes on your face while doing household chores or exercising, then wipe it together. Avoid the habit of storing sweat on your face. Indeed, a sweaty face is a magnet for dirt. Therefore, due to sweat on the face, acne increases.

Over-Exfoliating the Face

Exfoliation has always been considered essential for skin care. Especially for oily skin. But this does not mean that you should make a habit of exfoliating your face again and again. In fact, when you try to exfoliate your face over and over again and expect the acne to disappear, your acne-prone skin tends to get more irritated. Due to this, instead of reducing the acne, it starts increasing.

Using Acne Products only when Acne Breaks out

You have oily skin and get acne easily. But you use oily skin care products only when acne reaches its peak. This habit is not correct at all. There is no immediate remedy for acne. Also, suddenly using an acne-fighting product on your skin can make matters worse as your skin is already sensitive and it needs time to adjust itself to the products you use.