What is Hair Chalks and How to Use

What is Hair Chalk and How to Use

Are you planning to color your hair but are afraid of long term commitment? So don’t be afraid because we are here to bring you a very easy way to color your hair (Chalks) and with this you can color your hair in crazy shades for no time. Yes, we are talking about color chocks here.

What are Hair Chalks?

Actually, hair chalk is a powdery stick, which if you apply on your hair, then your hair becomes colored. It is commonly known as chalk for hair. It is a temporary hair color and the color gets removed only after washing the hair.

What is Hair Chalk and How to Use

How to Use Hair Chalk

  • First of all, wash your hair thoroughly because hair chalk does not work on greasy hair.
  • Also, do not apply mask or conditioner to your hair so that your hair is very clean and dry.
  • Now wear an old t-shirt as the color may fall off and leave marks on your shirt.
  • Now take the part of your hair that you want to color.
  • Now apply hair chalk as per the directions given on the package. Take care that you do not apply it on your roots or the bottom part of the hair.
  • Apply it carefully and consistently.
  • Now let it dry and then seal it with hair spray.

Types of Hair Chalk

Hair chocks come in different types. Some of which are as follows-

Temporary Hair Chalk

As the name suggests, this hair chalk helps to color your hair for some time and it gets cleaned as soon as you wash your hair. This gives you a chance to experiment.

Liquid Hair Chalk

This is also a temporary hair chalk but it stays on the hair longer than powder chalk. It stays in the hair for 8 to 10 washes.

White Hair Chalk

If you want white streak then you will love white hair chalk. It dries very quickly and gives a super cool look in just 60 seconds.

Black Hair Chalk

If you want to give a darker shade or Ombre effect to your hair, then you should use black chalk. Also remind that you avoid applying it to the roots of your hair so that your hair does not get damaged.

Pen Hair Chalk

Pen hair chalk is really a thing. You may not find it right to use pens on your hair, but they are designed to color your hair. It is easy to use because there can be no better way to color hair than with a pen.