Hair Dye during Pregnancy

Hair Dye during Pregnancy

Pregnant women keep getting millions of advice from eating to drinking and from wearing to traveling. During this, they have to keep thinking one step at a time. What to do and what not to do, there are many things that pregnant women are confused about. One such question is whether hair color (Hair Dye during Pregnancy) should be done in pregnancy or not.

Usually every pregnant woman thinks of coloring her hair when it turns gray. But, there is no harm to the baby, so avoid using hair color. In this article today, we will try to clear this dilemma of yours by discussing what the experts say about dyeing hair in pregnancy and discussing all the scientific aspects.

Is It Safe to  Use Hair Dye While Pregnancy

Most hair colors are considered safe to use during pregnancy. Some studies suggest that the chemicals in hair color are not toxic. They cannot cause any harm to mother and fetus. However, the number of these research papers is limited. This is the reason why this thing cannot be trusted blindly.

Doctors believe that the skin is able to prevent hair dye from entering the body. Women whose scalp is healthy, their body does not absorb the chemicals present in the hair color. Despite this, doctors forbid using hair dye in the first trimester.

Actually, the baby develops rapidly during the first trimester. During this, major organs including the baby’s brain, spinal cord are formed. Considering the safety of the baby, doctors forbid applying hair color to the hair for the first 13 weeks.

Safety Precautions for Dyeing Hair During Pregnancy

If you are planning to do hair color during pregnancy, then some tips are given below. Pregnant women need to take special care of them while dyeing their hair.

  • As mentioned above in the article, it is not safe to dye hair in the first trimester. In such a situation, wait till the second trimester to color the hair.
  • Do not color hair by yourself.
  • Avoid choosing hair dye with strong smell. Actually, this smell enters the woman’s body through the breath. At the same time, the baby growing in the womb breathes through the mother. In such a situation, this smell can be harmful for him.
  • Do not apply any hair colour. Always buy hair color that has a note that it is safe for pregnant women.
  • Always use bleach and ammonia free hair color.
  • Try to opt for natural hair dyes. This is a better option than chemical hair dye.
  • Do not color hair in skin related problems like eczema, psoriasis etc. In such a situation, there are cuts on the scalp, through which the skin can absorb more amount of chemical.
  • The skin is very delicate during pregnancy. Therefore, do not forget to wear gloves before dyeing your hair

You must have become well aware by now about whether hair should be dyed during pregnancy or not. Pregnancy is a very delicate period. During this, while coloring hair, take special care of the precautions given in the article. Avoid excessive use of hair color. Don’t forget to do a patch test before applying any hair dye.

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