Hair Parting According to Face Shape

Hair Parting According to Face Shape

We pay a lot of attention to hair cut and hairstyle but never to hair partition. But like all these, hair parting also brings a lot of changes in your look. Maybe the hair parting (Hair Parting According to Face Shape) you remove is good in your eyes. But wrong according to face shape. If you are also not happy with your look, then try changing the parting keeping in mind the face shape. You will feel the difference in yourself.

Hair Parting According to Face Shape

Whether you want to keep your hair long or short, it is your choice because each type of hair has its own attraction. But like hairstyle and haircut, hair parting should also be selected according to the shape of your face. Because Hair Parting According to Face Shape hides many shortcomings of the face. So let’s know how to do hair partition according to face shape.

Hair Parting for Round Shape Face – Hair Parting for Round Faces

If your face is of round shape (Hair Parting for Round Faces), then there is no need for you to put much artistry in more hair parting. Because wrong hair parting will make your face look heavy and full. Such faces are also called fatty faces. In this way, it is necessary to take the right hair parting for the face, so that your face looks slim and long. That’s why deep side parting looks best on round shape face. This makes your big face and forehead appear in the right dimensions. On the other hand, if you want to make your face look longer, you can do center hair parting, but keep in mind that if you have thin or less hair in the middle, then avoid this option.

Hair Parting for Oval Face Shape

This type of face shape is exactly like the shape of an egg. This type of face is much longer than the width. This is called the perfect face. Talking about hair parting, you can do many experiments on this type of face. Or rather say that you are absolutely free to do any kind of hair parting. By the way, the center parting looks great on the oval shape.

Hair Parting for Square Face

Their forehead and jaw line are usually the same. People with a square face shape do not have more dramatic hair parting on their faces. The features of this type of face shape are very beautiful. You should do a side hair parting to make it stand out. You can get the perfect look by creating bounce in your front hair by parting the hair from both the left or right sides.

Hair Parting for Diamond Face Shape

To balance the Diamond Shape Face, the cheekbones need to be shown less. For this, you have to try to make your forehead appear wider and for that you need to make a wide hair partition. That is why you are advised to have a center hair partition. You can jic-jack in the center partition or do a half-up, half-down bohemian partition.

Hair Parting for Heart Face Shape

If the measurement of your face narrows down from the forehead to the jaw line, then it means that your face is in the shape of a heart (Hair Parting for Heart Face Shape). It suits only normal hair parting on face shape. To get an attractive look, choose a small parting between the center and the sides.

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