Expert Tips Whether It is Safe to Have Hair Spa During Pregnancy or Not

Expert Tips Whether It is Safe to Have Hair Spa During Pregnancy or Not

Hair Spa During Pregnancy: It is important to take special care of health during pregnancy. During this time, the use of any kind of chemical can be harmful for both the baby and the mother. However, treatments like hair spa are often used to improve hair health and relieve stress. But take special care while doing these treatments during pregnancy.

Should I have Hair Spa During Pregnancy?

A woman undergoes many changes during pregnancy. If we talk about hair, then it is common for them to fall, dry and have dandruff during this time. In such a situation, all these problems go away by taking hair treatment. But the question is, is it safe to do hair spa treatment during pregnancy? This is a question that is often asked by pregnant women. So let’s know from the experts whether it is right to have hair spa during pregnancy or not.

Expert opinion

Gynecologist Dr. Aanchal Vishisht says that many types of chemicals are used during hair spa. That is why it is better to avoid it during pregnancy. Do not take any risk especially in the first three months. On the other hand, if you feel it necessary to get a hair spa, then apply only ammonia free products on your hair. You can make a natural hair pack instead of a chemical pack and follow the rest of the same steps.

Keep These Things in Mind while Getting Hair Spa during Pregnancy

Expert Tips Whether It is Safe to Have Hair Spa During Pregnancy or Not

Avoid for the first Three Months

Actually, the first three months of pregnancy are delicate, so special care is required during that time. So if you are going to take any hair treatment then wait for three months. This is because the baby’s muscles, organs and hair follicles develop during this time. Therefore, it would be better to avoid coming in contact with any kind of chemical during that time. It will also be conducive to the development of the child.

Use Ammonia Free products only

It is advisable to use natural products during pregnancy. If possible, use ammonia-free products on your hair. Natural products do not cause any problem and they do not bother the baby either.

Use Natural Hair oil

Instead of chemical hair spa, apply natural hair oil to the hair. This will nourish the hair and reduce stress.

Take care of Hygiene in the salon

Before visiting the salon, make sure to check the ambiance and cleanliness of the salon and then book an appointment. Because dirt can cause infection. Also, the smell of other chemical products can also bother you.

Consult a Doctor

Every woman’s pregnancy story is different. It means to say that your doctor knows how your pregnancy happened naturally, with medicines or any other treatment. That is why what will suit you or what will not suit you or consult a doctor before going for hair spa or any new treatment.

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