Harmful Ingredient in Baby Powder

Harmful Ingredient in Baby Powder

Baby powder is used in most of the households while bathing the baby and changing the diaper. However, most mothers are unaware that not every baby powder is safe for their baby. According to researchers, parents need to be very careful while choosing baby powder for their baby. This is the reason why in this article we are sharing in detail information related to which ingredient should not be in baby powder.

Is Baby Powder Safe To Use

It is useful to apply baby powder to absorb the moisturizer into the baby’s skin. But parents need to be very careful while using it.

According to information released by the American Academy of Pediatrics, if the powder enters their body through a child’s breath, it can harm their lungs. This can make it difficult for the baby to breathe and feel suffocated. In some cases it can even cause the death of the baby. So below are telling how to apply baby powder:

  • While applying the powder, keep the box away from the baby.
  • First take the powder on the palm.
  • Apply it on the baby’s body by patting it lightly.
  • Do not apply the powder while blowing. This can cause the baby to inhale the powder through the breath and they may have trouble breathing.
  • Never apply powder on baby’s face. Also, the baby can inhale the powder through breath.

Potential Harmful Chemicals in Baby Powder (Ingredient)

Below are some of the ingredients that should not be in baby powder:

1. Talc

Baby powder should not be talc based. Because talc contains tiny particles, which can cause harm by entering the baby’s body through inhalation. This can cause damage to the lungs of children. At the same time, breathing problems can occur in many children.

2. Paraben

Parabens are included to extend the shelf life of the products. But it can affect respiratory health. According to a research available on NCBI, parabens can cause asthma in babies. In addition, it disrupts the function of hormones. Therefore, do not opt ​​for baby powder that contains parabens in its ingredients.

3. Artificial Fragrance & Color

Baby products that contain artificial fragrance or color are also not considered good for the baby. This can cause an allergic reaction in the baby.

4. Phenoxyethanol

Phenoxyethanol is used in many baby powders, which is a type of preservative. It has a rose-like scent, but it is not considered safe for babies. This puts the baby at a higher risk of allergic reactions with nervous system interactions.

5. Asbestos

Baby ingredients should not contain a mineral fiber called asbestos. If it enters the baby’s body through the breath, it can cause breathing problems. In some cases, the baby may have serious problems. In a research, it has been described as a cancer-causing compound.

6. Gluten

Baby powder must be gluten free. Let us tell you, gluten is a type of protein, which is found in many grains. The delicate skin of babies can be allergic to gluten.

Things to Remember While Purchasing Baby Powder 

There are many company’s baby talcum powders available in the market. In such a situation, parents should choose powder for their baby keeping in mind the following things:

  • Always buy baby products from trusted brands. Do complete research before buying baby talcum powder.
  • Consider the ingredients of baby powder. The article mentioned above about some of the ingredients that should not be in baby powder.
  • Is baby powder dermatologist tested or not?
  • Select 100% natural baby powder.
  • Always Choose Talc Free Powder

If you want, you can buy Babychakra Natural Baby Powder for your baby. It is completely natural and talc free. It has been prepared under the supervision of special pediatricians. Talking about the ingredients of this product, it is prepared from arrowroot powder, rose butter and oatmeal.

This baby powder absorbs the moisture from the baby’s skin. Also keeps the skin fresh, soft and dry. It has also been found safe for children with sensitive skin. It also protects the skin from diaper rash.

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After reading this article you must have come to know about the bad ingredient present in baby powder. Next time to buy powder for your baby, keep in mind the things given in the article and buy safe baby powder.

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