How To Highlight Cheekbones

How To Highlight Cheekbones

How To Highlight Cheekbones: Party season is in and makeup season too… Looking beautiful is a must in this season. You have been grooming the eyes and lips… This time change the style-a-appearance a bit. Let the beauty drip down your cheekbones just like the Greek goddesses! What has to be done for this? Just follow these simple tips (How To Highlight Cheekbones) that tell you the secret to highlighting your cheekbones like a Greek goddess.

Simple Tips To Highlight Cheekbones

First Makeup Base – Makeup Base

Before preparing the base of makeup, it is important to moisturize the skin well first. After moisturizing, the skin tone of the face should be evened by applying any good primer or foundation. After this comes the number of highlighter. (How To Highlight Cheekbones)

Highlighter Again

The need for highlighter in cheek contouring cannot be slashed down. These are light colored makeup products which help in giving a sleek look to the face. Makeup professionals recommend applying highlighter before blush. Also, one/two skin colors one/two shades darker than bronzer and foundation is said to be the secret to best highlighting.

How to Apply – The best way of highlighting cheekbones is to highlight the part of the face that starts from the corner of the mouth and goes up to the ears. For perfect highlighting, with the help of a fine brush, the shade should be darkened near the ears while leaving it lighter near the mouth.

Tips – The best effect of cheekbone highlighting comes when you can suck the cheeks in while creating a fish face. This will help you to fill in the bronzer or highlighter aesthetically. These are the best highlighters. Before you start highlighting cheekbones, you should know about the different types of bronzers.

Blush Now – Blusher

This highlighting face cosmetic can give an instant fresh look to your face provided you know the right procedure to use it. The cheekbones are the most important part of blush in highlighting and contouring. (How To Highlight Cheekbones)

After moisturizing the face thoroughly, the foundation forms the base of the makeup. Then the highlighter defines your look. After applying highlighter, the next step is the best cheek stain or blush. But here you have to be choosey because not every type of blush suits every skin type. Cream blush is good for dry skin then powder blush for oily skin…use only a rounded clean brush for blush and don’t forget to blend it to make highlighting a natural part of your face.

Tips- Never look over the temple area for the perfect Greek goddess look. Your shading should be up to the edge of the eyebrow.

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