Home Made Massage oil for Baby

Home Made Massage oil for Baby

Baby massage is a very important part of the early upbringing of a child. Massage has a big role in strengthening the bones of the child. The more important the mother’s milk is for the newborn, the more important is the massage. The elders of the house recommend baby massage 5 times a day. But do massage the baby at least twice a day. Although in winter only 1 massage is enough. Massage relaxes the baby, which helps him sleep soundly. In such a situation, every new mother remains confused about which oil is best for baby massage (Home Made Massage oil for Baby).

By the way, there are many oils available in the market for baby massage. But the chemicals mixed in them can harm the delicate skin of the baby. Baby massage should be done with such oil, which not only strengthens his bones, but with the changing season, that oil can save the child from diseases like cough and cold. Here we are telling you how to make home made baby oil at home.

Home Made Massage oil for Baby

1- Mustard oil massage is best for the child. Some people believe that after massaging the baby with mustard oil, its color starts turning dark. This notion is absolutely wrong. The color of the child will remain as it is. Rather, mustard oil strengthens the bones of the newborn.

2- If the child has a cold, then mix a little celery and 2 small pieces of garlic in mustard oil. Now heat this oil on the gas till the celery and garlic are cooked. Now keep it till it becomes lukewarm. Afterwards, massage the baby with lukewarm oil.

3- It is said that the child has to save a lot in his first winter. Because the immune system of a small child is not very good, so the child gets cough and cold very quickly. In such a situation, it would be better if you massage the child with nutmeg during the winter season. To make it, put a nutmeg in mustard oil and heat the oil. You will see that the nutmeg is slowly starting to descend on the oil. Now massage the baby with this oil when it is lukewarm.

4- First of all, heat a pan in the gas. Now add about 200 grams of sesame oil to it. After the oil is heated well, crush some ratanjot bark and 4-5 cloves and put it in it. Ratanjot will start turning red as soon as it is found. Now add 1 handful basil leaves to it. Now after turning off the gas, add camphor to it. Filter all the mixture and turn the oil in a bowl. After it cools down, store it in a bottle.

5- Ghee is also a better remedy for baby massage. If the baby has sun-tan due to being in the sun, then massage it with ghee. If you want, you can also massage the child by mixing nutmeg in ghee in the winter season.

6- Coconut oil is also a good option for baby massage. Coconut oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It can prove to be very good for the delicate skin of the baby.

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