Home Remedies for Constipation During Pregnancy

Home Remedies for Constipation During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, most women are worried about the problem of constipation. Well, this problem is very common. But sometimes if it is not treated in time, it can cause many other physical problems. This is the reason why in this article today we will know in detail about the causes of Constipation During Pregnancy and its home remedies.

Causes of Constipation During Pregnancy

The following reasons can be behind the problem of constipation in pregnancy, some of which are as follows:

  • The problem of constipation can occur due to hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy.
  • Many medicines or supplements can also cause constipation during pregnancy.
  • One of the reasons for constipation in pregnancy can be a lack of fiber-rich foods in the diet.
  • Sometimes constipation can also occur due to lack of water or fluids.
  • Some women are less physically active during pregnancy. This is also one of the main reasons for the problem of constipation.

Home Remedies of Constipation During Pregnancy

During the nine months of pregnancy, the digestion of the woman remains very poor. Because of this, they often have the problem of constipation. To get relief from this problem, instead of medicines, home remedies are considered better. Below we will know about home remedies to remove constipation in pregnancy.

1. Lemon

The use of lemon is considered effective for digestive problems during pregnancy. The effect of citric acid present in it can be seen behind this. It keeps the digestive system healthy and eases the process of bowel movement.

  • You can take the juice of half a lemon mixed with a glass of lukewarm water.
  • You can also drink honey mixed with lemon in a glass of lukewarm water.
2. Flaxseed

Flaxseed can be consumed as a home remedy for constipation in pregnancy. Behind this, a substance called mucilage present in it is considered effective. Actually, this substance has laxative properties. Due to this the stool becomes soft and passes easily.

  • Roast the flax seeds and grind them. Its powder can be put in salad or raita.
  • Flaxseed powder can be mixed in roti flour.
3. Isabgol

Isabgol has been used for centuries for the problem of constipation. By consuming it, bowel movement becomes very easy. Isabgol is considered safe for pregnant women. In such a situation, isabgol can also be one of the effective remedies to overcome the problem of constipation in pregnancy.

  • One hour after eating food, you can drink a spoonful of isabgol mixed in a glass.
  • If desired, lemon can also be added to this drink.
4. Massage with Peppermint Oil

Massage with peppermint oil can also provide relief from the problem of constipation in pregnancy. It can be helpful in loosening the stool along with relieving the tension in the muscles. Keep in mind that massage should be done with light hands only.

5. Keep These Things in Mind

Fiber is considered important to get relief from the problem of constipation. Pregnant women should include more and more fiber-rich things in their diet. Fiber plays a supporting role in cleaning the stomach and making bowel movements easier. As a fiber food, you can consume oatmeal, pear, orange, almond, raspberry, lentils etc.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent constipation. This will keep pregnant hydrated as well as facilitate bowel movement.

Keep yourself active a little bit during pregnancy. The more active you are, the less trouble you will have in bowel movements. If you want, after consulting your doctor, you can do exercise or yoga daily.

Hope the home remedies given in this article will be useful for you to overcome the problem of constipation in pregnancy. Even after the remedies given in the article, there is no relief in the problem of constipation, then it is better to consult a doctor. If there is any pregnant in your friend circle, do share this article with them.

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