Home Remedies For Headache Relief

Home Remedies For Headache Relief

Waking up early in the morning with a headache means that the whole day is wasted. In today’s run-of-the-mill life, headache is a major lifestyle problem, which is not actually a problem of the head, but a problem related to the nervous system and neck. The common headache that often occurs is sometimes so severe that it cannot be tolerated. This headache is often cured by taking tablets, but the headache medicines available in the market are very harmful for the body if taken on a daily basis. Therefore, it is better to try home remedies for headache, which do not have any harmful effect on your body and the headache also goes away. Some of these remedies are easy enough that they can be done anytime, while for some you just have to go to your kitchen.

Drink Warm Water

If you have a headache (Home Remedies For Headache Relief), drink warm water as soon as possible. Maybe you are not aware and your body needs water. In such a situation, it often gives relief in headache. Once your body is hydrated, the headache will gradually subside.

Eat Apple with Salt

If the headache is not taking its name even after many efforts, then cut an apple and put salt on it and eat it. After this drink hot water or milk. If you do this continuously for 10 days, then your headache problem can end from the root.

Pepper and Mint Tea

Taking black pepper and mint tea is also beneficial in headache. If you want, you can add some mint leaves to black tea.

Cinnamon Paste

Make a paste by adding a little water to the cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on the forehead for 30 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Bag of Cloves

Heat a few cloves of cloves on a tawa. Make a bundle by tying these hot clove buds in a handkerchief. Now keep smelling this bundle for some time. Your headache will subside.

Decoction of Basil leaves

Many people drink tea or coffee when they have a headache. Instead, cook basil leaves in water and drink its water. This decoction of basil will have more effect on headache than any tea or coffee.

Ginger – Lemon juice

Mix equal quantity of ginger and lemon juice and lick it. You can also eat ginger candy instead.

Peppermint oil is also Effective

To get rid of headache, dip your handkerchief or any other cloth in a little bit of mint oil and keep smelling this cloth. This will also reduce your stress.

Coriander, Cumin and Ginger Decoction

Boil plenty of coriander leaves, cumin and ginger in a cup of water. By drinking this decoction, your headache will reduce very fast. Drink this decoction at least twice a day.

Balm Massage Special Place

If any home remedy is also not getting the benefit, then instead of eating medicine, bring any balm from the market and massage it first on both the forehead, then on the upper part of the neck on the back of the head and then on the shoulders behind. Gradually the headache will disappear and you will fall asleep.

Use of Acupressure

The use of acupressure also works wonders for relieving headache. For this, if you have a headache, bring both your palms in front. After this, lightly massage the space between the thumb and index finger of the other hand with one hand. Do this in both hands for two to four minutes. This will give you relief from headache.

Coriander and Sugar Solution

Mixing coriander powder and sugar in water and drinking it can also get relief from headache. If your headache is due to cold, then this remedy will prove to be very effective.

Eucalyptus oil massage

Eucalyptus oil massage is another good way to get rid of headaches. This oil is a pain reliever which provides instant relief.

Clove Salt Paste in Milk

Make a paste by mixing clove powder in salt for headache. Drink this paste mixed with milk. This will cure your headache very soon. This home remedy cures headache easily.

Lukewarm Water and Salt

Place a pinch of salt on the front part of your tongue and drink a glass of lukewarm water immediately. This salt absorbs all the fluids present in your head, so it provides instant relief from headache.

Lemon and Hot Water

Drink a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice. This will give great relief from headache. This recipe is beneficial when you have a headache due to gas formation in your stomach. Drinking lemon water not only removes the problem of gas, but also cures headache.

Hot Cow Milk

Drink warm cow’s milk to get rid of headache. Also, if you have severe headache, then add ghee and ground black pepper to this milk. This will also give you relief from severe headache.

Asafetida, Black Salt and Carom Seeds

If you feel something wrong with the stomach as well as headache, then mix a little asafetida in a bowl with some amount of black salt and carom seeds. Now drink this mixture with lukewarm water. Headache along with stomach will also disappear completely.

Massage with Almond oil

If one is not successful in getting rid of headache even with home remedies (Home Remedies For Headache Relief), then almond oil also proves to be effective. Massaging the head with almond oil for about 15 minutes provides relief from headache.

Get your Sleep

Often we are not able to complete our sleep in the daily hustle and bustle, that is why our head starts hurting. In such a situation, sometimes it becomes very important to get enough sleep. Our advice is that if you do not get any headache in any of these ways, then definitely complete your sleep and if still the headache does not get better then consult a good doctor. This could be a sign of another problem that you should address as soon as possible.

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