Home Remedies to Take Care of Dry Skin – Dry Skin Care

Home Remedies to Take Care of Dry Skin - Dry Skin Care

Everyone wants their skin to be beautiful, supple and healthy. But everyone’s skin type is different. Some have oily skin, some have dry skin, some have normal skin and some have combination skin. All these skin types are different from each other. So naturally, every skin has to be taken care of differently. People with dry skin find it very difficult to take care of their skin. This is because no cream or moisturizer stays on their skin for long, which is a big problem. People use many types of beauty products for dry skin, but after some time their effect disappears and their skin becomes dry again. So they don’t know how to take care of it. In such a situation, home remedies for dry skin are very effective. Today here we will give you every thing and information related to dry skin which may be necessary for you. Then let us know how to take care of dry skin as well as some home remedies for dry skin (rukhi twacha ke liye gharelu upay).

What is Dry Skin?

Generally, our skin has a thin layer of natural fat, which makes the skin soft as well as retains moisture in it. Due to lack of moisture in dry skin, there is a lack of fatty acids (lipids) in the skin. Which retains moisture in the skin and keeps the skin soft. According to doctors, the skin becomes dry after the moisture in the skin decreases. The top layer of skin, called the epidermis, does not have enough moisture and lacks natural oils. That’s why the skin is said to be dry. Such skin itches. Skin diseases can also occur due to lack of attention on time.

Causes of Dry Skin

There can be many reasons for dryness in the skin. Especially in winters, the skin becomes dry due to cold winds. Its effect lasts for a long time. If dry skin is not taken care of properly then it becomes a bit difficult to get rid of it. So let us know what are the reasons for dry skin other than lack of moisture in winter.

Home Remedies to Take Care of Dry Skin - Dry Skin Care

  • Due to seasonal changes, especially in cold and dry weather
  • After bathing in hot water
  • Swimming pool with chlorinated water
  • Due to chemicals in soaps and detergents
  • Due to diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema etc.
  • Excessive use of skin cleansing products
  • Apart from this, taking medicines for cholesterol, high blood pressure, allergies and pimples can also cause dry skin.
  • Due to ageing, the production of oil in the skin also decreases, due to which the skin becomes dry.

Ways to Prevent Dry Skin – Dry Skin Care Tips at Home

In general, it is common to have itchy skin due to warm clothes in winter. This mostly happens to people who have dry skin. Skin of this nature loses natural moisture very quickly. In such a situation, wearing warm clothes made of wool increases the dryness of the skin. The dryness of the skin increases even after using hot water during bath. Now you know what is dry skin and for what reasons. So now know what are the ways to prevent dry skin.

  • Keep your skin away from cold and dry air. Keep your skin covered in cold weather with scarves, gloves and mufflers.
  • Do not use skin products containing chemicals on your skin.
  • Instead of bathing with hot water, take a warm bath in winter.
  • Use moisturizer regularly after bathing.
  • Instead of ordinary soap, use soap which is moisturized.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Avoid excessive scrubbing or exfoliating the skin.
  • You can also try oil cleansing instead of harsh and chemical-laden face cleansing products.
  • Bathing or soaking in water for a long time can cause dryness in the skin. That’s why try to take a bath early.
  • Rubbing damages the skin and can cause irritation. Therefore, always dry the body with light hands, while patting it.

How To Take Care Of Dry Skin – Dry Skin Care

There is no doubt that taking care of dry skin is not easy. Especially in winter, dry skin people have to face all kinds of skin problems. Dry skin is prone to white patches, flakes, itching, etc. and hence needs constant moisturizing. Normal soaps or creams are not enough for this skin type. This skin needs special care. This is because without proper care, this type of skin can face a lot of problems. So let’s know how to take care of dry skin.

Use the Right Moisturizer

Moisturize dry skin regularly and use the right moisturizer like oil based creams or heavy moisturizers and if your skin is extremely dry and itchy then use baby oil or coconut oil. When buying rich and heavy moisturizers, make sure that they are free from chemicals and contain skin friendly and nutritious ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, glycerin, vitamins A, E etc.

Drink Plenty of Water and Stay Hydrated

Hydration is the most important thing for soft and supple skin. Therefore, keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, that is, do not let there be a shortage of water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day so that you never feel thirsty nor your skin becomes dry.

Excess Scrubbing Can do Damage

Dry skin people should reduce scrubbing as compared to other skin types. Especially do not scrub at all with things that make the skin more dry. Those with dry skin should use a scrub that is oil based and works very gently on their skin. When exfoliating the skin, don’t rub too hard and don’t scrub too hard. This irritates the skin and also damages it.

Use of Sunscreen is Essential

Sun damage is the main reason for dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines. And dry skin is easily the victim of skin problems, so always use sunscreen. Its use keeps the skin away from many problems.

Have the Right Diet

It is said that the effect of our food and drink is also visible on our skin. That is why, as much as you want to take care of your skin from outside, it is necessary to nourish it from inside, you should also include nutritious food in your diet. Eat more vegetables to avoid dry skin. Make elements like carotenoids, tocopherols and flavonoids a part of your diet along with vitamins C, E, A and D.

Do Not Bathe in Hot Water

Bathing with hot water makes the skin dry. That is why in winter try to take bath with normal lukewarm water. If you take a hot bath in winter, then add two spoons of coconut or almond oil to the water. This will give you relief from dryness after bath. To eliminate dryness of the skin, you have to put a little extra effort in your skin care routine.

Use Body lotion after Bath

People apply cream or lotion on the body after a cold bath, but after applying this lotion, clothes have to be worn immediately, in such a situation the skin is not able to absorb this lotion properly and this moisture is not blocked in the inner cells of the skin. Is. To avoid this problem, it is very important to massage mustard oil before bath and then apply body lotion after bath. Due to this there are no problems like dead cells, itching and rashes in the skin.

Home Remedies For Dry Skin

The problems of dry skin increase even more during the winter season. Anyway, along with dryness on the skin, scabs and white spots can also appear. Due to this your face and skin starts getting damaged. There are many such home remedies, by trying which you can get rid of your dry skin or the problem related to it will reduce. To take care of dry skin, here we are telling you some such home remedies for dry skin, by using which you get soft, soft, smooth and glowing skin. So let’s know home remedies for dry skin.

Use Glycerin

Glycerin retains the moisture of the skin. All you have to do is mix 3 teaspoons of glycerin with 1 teaspoon of honey and apply it on the face. This will keep your skin hydrated and will not be too dry.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is considered to be the best natural moisturizer for dry skin. By massaging this oil, the moisture remains in the skin for a long time and it also locks the moisture in dry skin. That’s why use coconut oil on your hands again and again to heal dry skin and cracks.

Bring Glow on the Face with Cream

Cream is a panacea for dry skin in winters. The proteins and vitamins found in cream increase the production of collagen in the skin. Due to this the skin remains young and baby soft and at the same time it gives glow to the skin. 2 hours before sleeping at night, mix a little honey in the cream and apply it on the face or you can also apply only cream and after that do your work, then just before sleeping, wipe the face with a soft cloth and go to sleep. Wash your face the next day.

Banana Face Pack

Banana is not only good for the body but it is also good for your skin. Bananas are a good moisturizer and are rich in vitamins C, A, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and carbohydrates. Which not only relieves you from dry skin but also benefits the skin in many ways. For this, prepare a moisturizing face pack by mashing 1 ripe banana and mixing milk and honey in it. Apply on face and let dry. Afterwards wash it off with cold water.

Desi Ghee is Effective

Along with retaining the moisture of the face, the use of ghee can prove beneficial for the skin in many ways. Ghee is considered very beneficial for face to lips. Its use is especially effective for those with dry skin. You can use ghee as a moisturizer in winters.

Use Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is a wonderful thing for oily skin as well as dry skin. It is a natural moisturizer, which helps in retaining the moisture of the skin. Aloe Vera helps to soften the dead skin cells and makes the skin very soft. The antioxidant properties of aloe Vera protect the skin from dryness and also maintains the natural glow of the skin.

Olive oil Wonders

Olive oil has been used as a natural moisturizer for many years. It contains antioxidants and natural acids that protect the skin from the UV rays emitted by the sun. To get rid of dry skin (rukhi twacha ke liye gharelu upay), simply add a few drops of olive oil to the bath water. Bathing with this water keeps the moisture in the skin. You can apply olive oil after washing your face before going to bed. It will make your skin glow when you wake up in the morning.

Make Skin Soft with Avocado

If you have dry skin, then avocado can become a very good option for you to remove dryness. First, cut the avocado into small pieces and remove the lumps. Now grind it well in a mixer. Then add one spoon of honey, one spoon of lemon juice and half a cup of curd to this mixture. Keep in the fridge for about half an hour and then apply on the face. Wash your face with water after 30 minutes. By using this, your skin will be soft and there will be no stretch in it.

Keep Moisture intact with Shea Butter

In olden times, shea butter was used as a moisturizer. Shea Butter is a good source of Vitamin A. This vitamin retains moisture in dry skin. It also helps in reducing sunburn and other skin related problems. It also contains fatty acids, which act as anti-aging on your skin.

Honey is the Best

Honey is a great cleanser and moisturizer. The special thing about it is that the use of honey makes the skin soft and glowing. Honey is most effective for bringing glow on dry skin. Just for this, massage the face 2-3 times a week by applying honey for 10 minutes and then wash it with water. By doing this the skin will start glowing within 1-2 weeks.

FAQs To Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Q1. Should dry skinned people apply scrubs?

ANS: If your skin is dry, then you should use scrub very carefully. Because scrubbing makes the skin dry. That’s why use a scrub that is oil based and work on your skin in a very gentle way.

Q2. What kind of foundation is right for dry skin?

ANS: For those with dry skin, instead of normal, such a foundation is needed, which moisturizes the skin and at the same time keeps it hydrated. That is why while choosing a foundation for dry skin, buy moisturizing foundation only.

Q3. How to make skin soft?

ANS: If your skin is dry or it has become dry in winter then do not worry. There are many such things, with the help of which your skin will become soft. For example, to remove dryness of the skin, you can use cream, desi ghee, butter in winter and aloe Vera gel and coconut oil in summer.

Q4. How to get glow on dry skin?

ANS: Honey is most effective for bringing glow on dry skin. Just for this, massage the face with honey for 10 minutes and then wash it with water. By doing this the skin will start glowing within 1-2 weeks.

Q5. Does the use of soap make the skin dry?

ANS: Yes, the chemicals present in soap are harmful to beauty. Using face wash daily makes the skin dry and dry, which reduces the natural glow of the face.

Q6. How to cure dry skin?

ANS: To cure dry skin (rukhi twacha ke liye gharelu upay) first of all you have to make some changes in your lifestyle. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet, drinking plenty of water to keep the body hydrated and using a good moisturizer can help you get rid of the problem of dry skin.

Q7. What to do for dry skin in winter?

ANS: The dry air in the winter season absorbs moisture from the skin, due to which the skin starts to become lifeless and dry. For women who have dry skin, this essential oil is a boon. You can use olive, almond, rosemary and virgin coconut oil.

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