Jawed Habib Share Home Remedy For Faster Hair Growth Tips

Jawed Habib share Home Remedy For Faster Hair Growth Tips

Everyone wants their hair to be long and thick. But due to dust, dirt, pollution, stress etc., there is a lot of hair loss. Especially when the growth of hair stops, then that time becomes very stressful. Although all the products present in the market promise that they will help in hair growth, but they are not successful in them and cause damage separately. In such a situation, it is more correct to try the home method. On the other hand, if some famous hair expert himself shares with you the secret of lengthening hair (Home Remedy For Faster Hair Growth Tips), then it will be pleasant to sleep.

Jawed Habib is a famous hair expert not only in India but all over the world. Big celebrities get their hairstyles done by him. Even common man wants to go to Jawed Habib Salon and get hair styling done. Jawed Habib shares videos on his social media page about more than one hair care tips. He also told the home secret of growing hair faster, which we are going to share with you today too.

Jawed Habib Share Home Remedy For Faster Hair Growth Tips

Even after doing the hair growth treatment shared by Jawed Habib once a week, your hair will grow long and thick faster. This treatment is very easy to do and you only need 15 minutes and only one day a week for it. So let’s know the home secret of hair expert Jawed Habib to make hair grow faster.

Increase Hair Growth with Onion and Ginger

Hair expert Jawed Habib explains that you can increase hair growth at home without any chemicals. All you need is onion and ginger for this. The extract of both these things is very useful for hair. By using it, your hair growth starts increasing rapidly.

To try this hair secret, take out the juice of onion and ginger and mix both. This mixture should contain 50 percent onion juice and 50 percent ginger juice. Keep in mind that this onion and ginger juice should be fresh. This will have a quick effect on the hair and the hair will start growing faster.

How to Use

This liquid of onion and ginger is applied to the roots of the hair. This is because the roots need proper nutrition and the scalp needs to be kept infection free for hair growth. Apply this mixture on your hair for only 10 minutes. After that shampoo. It is very important to carry out any treatment in the right way. Otherwise there may be a difference between the result and the conclusion.

Expert Tips

Hair expert Jawed Habib believes that by doing this hair growth treatment for just 15 minutes a week, the difference in hair growth will be visible in a few days. It is very important to be patient in such measures. Because the growth of hair depends on the body and health of the person in everyone. In some, the effect starts showing in a short time and in some the effect is seen late. But the solution should not stop in the meantime. You will see the difference and your hair will also start growing.

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