Homemade Fruit Face Pack – Benefits of Homemade Face Pack

Homemade Fruit Face Pack – It is the dream of every girl to have beautiful skin. What do we girls do for this? Whether it

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Homemade Fruit Face Pack - Benefits of Homemade Face Pack

Homemade Fruit Face Pack – It is the dream of every girl to have beautiful skin. What do we girls do for this? Whether it is spending hours in the parlor or splurge on expensive beauty products, we never miss any chance or any way to get good skin. While buying products, we often keep in mind what ingredients are used in it. If the product is made of fruit, then what to say?

We buy the product of our favorite fruit in a hurry. Whether that product is face wash, facial kit or face pack. But no matter how good a brand we buy (Homemade Fruit Face Pack), there is a little bit of chemical in it and after a time this chemical starts harming our skin. It is better that you prepare your own face pack from fruits at home, which are completely natural and safe without chemical-laden.

Face Pack for Glowing Skin – Fruit Face Pack for Glowing Skin

Here we are telling you about some such face packs made from fruits (Homemade Fruit Face Pack), which you can easily make yourself at home and get beautiful and glowing skin.

What is Face Pack?

Before we tell you about different types of face packs made at home, let us know what are face packs? The face pack moisturizes the skin by going deep into it. Also, it removes all the skin related problems and makes it healthy, beautiful and glowing. This is the reason why most girls want to know which are the best facials for facial skin. Different homemade fruit face packs fulfill our facial needs.

They not only bring new freshness to the skin but also nourish the skin without any chemicals. The special thing is that you do not even need to spend much money and time for this. They provide affordable and lasting beautiful skin in a short span of time.

Why Face Pack is Important for Skin

The face pack deeply cleanses the skin. By applying it, the blood circulation of the skin increases, due to which the skin glows. Face packs help in removing the dirt, dust and oil present in the skin, which gives a glow to the discolored skin. The nutrients found in homemade face packs help in making your skin healthy and the properties of the fruits take care of your skin. (Homemade Fruit Face Pack)

Apart from this, the antioxidant properties of vitamin C are found in many fruits, due to which the spots on the skin, signs of aging and acne are also removed. On the other hand, some fruits contain elements like alpha hydroxy acid, citric acid and vitamins, which protect the skin from lifelessness.

Benefits of Homemade Face Pack – Homemade Fruit Face Pack

We believe that makeup plays a vital role in making you look beautiful. But one cannot stay in makeup all the time. Your natural beauty matters more than makeup and what can be better than a face pack made of fruits to give natural beauty to the skin. Homemade face pack helps in giving a natural glow to your skin. Here we are telling you the benefits of homemade fruit face pack and fruit facial.

Instant Glow

Homemade fruit face pack gives instant benefits to your skin. After using this, you will be able to feel the freshness and instant glow in your skin. It not only nourishes your skin but also relaxes it. (Fruit Face Pack)

Full of Natural Properties

These homemade fruit face packs are completely natural to get glowing skin. They do not use any kind of chemicals, due to which your skin gets natural nourishment. (Homemade Fruit Face Pack)

Easy to Make

If you are thinking that making fruit face pack at home is a hassle, then let us tell you that there is nothing like it. The biggest feature of these face packs is that they are very easy to make. Many of the ingredients used in these are available in your kitchen, so they are not too expensive and are ready in minutes. These fruit facial benefits are very beneficial. (Fruit Face Pack)

Get rid of Blemishes

Face packs made from fruits take proper care of your skin, which helps in getting rid of blemishes on the face. Apart from this, it also eliminates acne and pimples by reducing the oil coming out of the skin. Along with regular skin care, it also helps in moisturizing the skin. Let us now know which is the best face pack.

How to Make Fruit Face Pack at Home – Homemade Fruit Face Pack

Homemade Fruit Face Pack - Benefits of Homemade Face Pack

Papaya and Honey Face Pack

Papaya is one such fruit, which is available throughout the year. Many people do not like to eat this fruit, but papaya is extremely beneficial for the skin. Its pack acts instantly on the skin and makes it healthy and glowing. Papaya, rich in Vitamin A, has exfoliating properties that slough off dead skin cells from the skin. It also has anti-aging properties, which helps to get rid of blemishes and blemishes on the face.

Let’s know how to make this face pack (face pack kaise banaye)? To make its pack, first take two pieces of papaya and grind it in a mixer. When its pulp is ready, add one spoon of honey to it. Now apply it on your clean and dry skin and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Now clean it thoroughly with the help of water. After a while, you yourself will be able to feel the difference and glow in your skin. This face pack is suitable for those with normal to dry skin. You can apply it once a week for better results. (Fruit Face Pack)

Kiwi and Avocado Face Pack

Kiwis and avocados are both delicious and packed with essential nutrients. Not only consuming them but face packs are also beneficial for the skin. Avocado is rich in antioxidants. It contains alpha and beta keratins, which help in making the skin healthy as well as remove the signs of premature aging. On the other hand, kiwi is rich in vitamins C and E. It also has antioxidant properties. The properties of Vitamin E moisturize the skin cells and bring new life to them. Kiwi is also known to lighten and exfoliate the skin. This is one of the best face packs to make at home.

To make this pack, you need 1 kiwi, 1 avocado and 1 teaspoon honey. First of all, grind kiwi and avocado in a mixer and mash it. When its creamy and smooth paste is ready, then add honey to it. Now apply this paste on the skin of your face and neck and leave it for half an hour. After that wash the face with water. Don’t forget to moisturize your face after cleaning it. This face pack suits all skin types. You must apply it once a week for better results. (Homemade Fruit Face Pack)

Orange – Orange Face Pack

Be it orange juice or orange peel, both have many benefits. Many types of nutrients are found in oranges including vitamin C. It removes the pimples and blemishes of the face from the root. (Homemade Fruit Face Pack)

To make an orange face pack, mix one spoon of orange juice in two spoons of aloe Vera gel. Keep this pack on your face for 10 minutes and then clean the face with lukewarm water. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after that. By applying this pack once a week, your dry skin problem will go away and a new glow will start appearing on the face.

Banana – Banana Face Pack

Bananas are rich in fiber, vitamins A, B, (B6, B12), C, E and minerals like iron, potassium, manganese and zinc. Along with health, it also enhances beauty. Applying this face pack enhances the glow of the face.

To make the pack, grind 1 banana in a mixer and prepare its paste. Now add honey and lemon juice to this grated banana and mix it. Apply the prepared pack on the face and neck and wash the face with water after 15-25 minutes. You can apply this pack twice a week for better results. (Homemade Fruit Face Pack)

Strawberry and Chocolate Face Pack

Strawberry and chocolate face pack is no less than a treat for your skin. The combination of chocolate and strawberry works wonders on the skin. Strawberries are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. The alpha-hydroxy acid present in it cleanses the skin and removes dead skin cells and brings new life to the skin.

To make this pack, you need 4 strawberries, 1 teaspoon cocoa powder and 1 teaspoon honey. Now grind the strawberries in a mixer and prepare a paste. Now mix cocoa powder and honey in this paste. Now apply this pack on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Now clean the face with lukewarm water. If you apply it once a week then you will get better results.

Watermelon Face Pack

This summer fruit is as delicious to eat as it is beneficial for the skin. Its juice is best for dry skin. This brings freshness to the face as well as glowing. (Fruit Face Pack)

To make this pack, 2 teaspoon watermelon juice, 2 teaspoon cucumber juice, 1 teaspoon thick curd, 1 teaspoon milk powder and a clean small bowl are needed. First of all, mix watermelon and cucumber juice in a bowl. Now add curd and milk powder to it. Make a thick paste by mixing all these. Now apply this pack made of watermelon on the skin and neck. Wash it off with cold water after 15 minutes.

Grapes and Apple Face Pack 

Grapes and apples are both such fruits, which are liked by everyone. Even our skin. Along with vitamin C, apples also have the properties of copper, which make the skin healthy. At the same time, it helps in making the skin glowing. Grapes also contain Vitamin E which keeps your skin moisturized. It also protects it from acne scars. (Homemade Fruit Face Pack)

Mango Face Pack

Mango, the king of fruits, shows a magical effect on the skin, just as it is wonderful in taste. It has properties to hydrate the skin. Mango makes dry skin soft and glowing.

To make this pack, you need a medium sized ripe mango, powder of 10 almonds, 2 teaspoons of multani mitti, 2 teaspoons of raw milk, 2 teaspoons of water and 2 teaspoons of oatmeal. First, grind the mango in a mixer and take out its pulp in a bowl. Now add all the rest of the ingredients like almond powder, multani mitti, raw milk, oatmeal and water. Now mix all these until a thick face pack is formed. Apply this face pack on the face for 30 minutes and wash the face with cold raw milk.

Tomato and Lemon Face Pack

Tomato relieves skin from tanning and dryness. The same lemon makes it shiny. The face pack made by mixing both is very beneficial for the skin.

To make its pack, grind 1 tomato in a mixer and make its puree. Now add 2 tbsp lemon juice to this puree. Mix both well and apply this pack on the skin of the face and neck. After keeping it for about 20 minutes, clean the face with water.

Cucumber Face Pack

Cucumber contains a lot of juice. It also acts as a good moisturizer for the skin. If a pack is made by mixing aloe Vera gel in it, then its properties increase manifold.

To make this pack, at least one cup of cucumber juice and two spoons of fresh aloe Vera gel will be needed. First of all, grind the pieces of cucumber in a mixer and prepare its juice. Now filter it and take it out in a separate bowl. Now add aloe Vera gel and mix it. Apply this pack on the skin for 15 minutes and clean the face with water.

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