How to Fix Mobile Overheating Issue Tips

How to Fix Mobile Overheating Issue Tips: In today’s time, a person can live without eating bread for two times but not without a mobile

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how to fix mobile overheating issue mobile tips

How to Fix Mobile Overheating Issue Tips: In today’s time, a person can live without eating bread for two times but not without a mobile phone. At the same time, we often do many things on the smartphone. Due to this many of you must be facing the problem of phone overheating. Mobile overheating is such a common problem. But this problem should not be ignored. This may damage the mobile and you may be harmed. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure that the mobile remains cool or that it is cooled down in time.

How to Fix Mobile Overheating Issue Tips

Overheating can have a huge negative impact on your phone’s internal components. This can cause many problems in the long run such as performance loss, data loss or corruption, and early battery drain. Here we are telling you some such mobile tips that can help your phone to operate smoothly in summer (How to Fix Mobile Overheating Issue).

Cause to Mobile Overheating

Before knowing what to do to cool down the mobile, knowing the reasons responsible for overheating of the mobile will make it easier for us to take more care and save the mobile from overheating (How to Fix Mobile Overheating Issue).


If you work on multiple apps on the mobile at the same time, then the chances of the mobile heating up. This means that if you are listening to music while playing a game or talking on a call while the phone is charging, then the phone heats up. Also, using multiple apps at the same time can cause the mobile to heat up. Also, we often install many useless mobile apps as well. This puts more load on the process and consumes more battery, causing the mobile to overheat (How to Fix Mobile Overheating Issue).

Network Connectivity

If the network is changing from time to sometimes 4G or 5G network is continuously changing or network is coming then the battery gets heated up and it may also heat up the phone.

Talking on the Phone in the Sun

If you are outside and it is hot then the mobile cover will also heat up the mobile. Also, if the mobile falls from your hands, the internal damage may cause the battery to overheat and explode

How to Save Mobile from Overheating

Avoid Using Third Party Charger

If you use a charger of any other company other than the original charger of your mobile, then the mobile can also get hot. Apart from this, even if you have replaced the mobile battery with another company’s battery, then the mobile can get hot. For this, use the charger provided with the mobile phone or the charger provided by the company.

This is the Most Common Reason

When the mobile gets hot, first turn it off. The mobile should be restarted only after it cools down completely. If the mobile gets hot again and again even after turning off and restarting the mobile, then you need to change the settings of the mobile. You have to go to the settings of the mobile and see which app is consuming more data and battery. If you don’t use any of these apps or don’t need them, uninstall them.

Clean Junk Files

Also, if there are junk files in the mobile (How to Fix Mobile Overheating Issue), then it is necessary to clean them from time to time. For this you can use cleaner in mobile or you can clean these junk files with the help of any app.

If the mobile is overheating even after taking all the measures, then going to the service center will always be the right option. Because due to overheating, the battery of the mobile phone can explode and an accident can happen. (How to Fix Mobile Overheating Issue)

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