How to Make Fluffy Soft Roti Cooking Tips

How to Make Fluffy Soft Roti Cooking Tips

When it comes to Indian thali, it is not complete without roti. It is made daily in every Indian kitchen. But most of us complain that their rotis do not become soft and fluffy. Sometimes the roti is thick and hard and sometimes it burns and becomes like papad. However, in such a situation, you do not need to worry, because here we are giving you very useful cooking tips for making roti (chapati), with the help of which you can make perfectly fluffy and soft roti. Also its test will be enhanced and you will forget the paratha. know How to Make Fluffy Soft Roti Cooking Tips.

How to Make Fluffy Soft Roti Cooking Tips

Not one but many reasons are responsible for the spoilage of roti. First of all, you must also know that we make roti after cooking it completely and that is why we do not have a little passion in making it and due to haste, rotis often burn. The way spices, oil and vegetables are added to make a good vegetable, similarly you need the right flour and technique for roti too. Small mistakes made in making roti become the reason behind it. So let’s know which are the tips with the help of which you can make fluffy and soft roti.

TIPS No. 1 – Check the Quality of Flour

First of all you need to check the quality of the flour because when the matter gets messed up then how will the rotis become good. Because the quality of your flour determines the taste of your roti. If you do not find any packet flour right, then you can get the flour milled from a fresh mill.

TIPS No. 2 – Sieve the Flour

Many people use packaged flour because it does not contain bran and that is why they do not sieve it. But if you want your roti to become puffy, then before kneading the dough, filter it and remove it in the vessel. By doing this, rotis are made good.

How to Make Fluffy Soft Roti Cooking Tips

TIPS No. 3 – Add oil/Ghee to Knead the Dough

Whenever you are kneading the dough, add a spoonful of oil or ghee to it. By doing this, the rotis become delicious and very soft. Also, if you are making rotis for a long time or for tiffin, then definitely do this. Because by doing this the rotis remain soft for a long time.

TIPS No. 4 – Knead Dough

Not only this, the method of applying flour can spoil both your bread and health. Yes, because of kneading the dough with light hands, the rotis become tight like papad. It also causes problems like gas and constipation. For this, knead the dough by mashing it with tight hands. After this, check it by pressing it with your fingers whether it is coming up in bloom or not.

TIPS No. 5 – Knead the Dough and let it Set

You should not make roti immediately after kneading the dough. This does not make bread good. You should keep the dough covered for half an hour to set. Before making roti, knead the flour lightly, it will make the roti good.

TIPS No. 6 – Rolling the Cylinder Properly

When the dough is made, place it on the post with your hands and make rounds by mashing and pressing it well. After that move the cylinder with light hands on it. If possible, use at least parathan dry flour. Because by applying too much dry flour, the flour gets burnt on the roti, due to which the taste of roti is not good. Also she doesn’t become that soft either.

TIPS No. 7 – Cook Roti like this

Make sure to preheat the roti before putting it on the tawa. After that add roti and slow down the gas. Then after turning it upside down and seeing spots on both sides, if you want, with the help of a cloth, bake the roti by pressing it round and round on the pan or bake it by pressing the roti on the gas with the help of tongs.

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