How to Protect Children from Pneumonia Winter Care Tips

How to Protect Children from Pneumonia Winter Care Tips

As soon as the winter season come, many diseases also starts spreading rapidly. Pneumonia in children is one of these diseases. Pneumonia harms children the most. Every year many children in the country suffer from it. Due to lack of timely treatment, many children have also died due to this. The vaccine for this disease has also arrived, but the situation regarding this is still serious. That’s why it is very important to protect children from pneumonia during Winter Care.

How to Protect Children from Pneumonia Winter Care

According to Dr. Chetan Jain (Pulmonologist, Jhainova Shalby Hospital), the continuous change in the weather has started causing many health problems. Children with weak immunity can be surrounded by chronic lung problems like asthma, bronchitis, congenital heart disease. Kidney disease and other respiratory conditions predispose to pneumonia. This is risk and can cause serious damage to the lungs. It is essential to treat the child on time to avoid any serious complications.

When to Go to the Doctor

If high fever with chills, difficulty in breathing, phlegm, dry cough, cold, tiredness, vomiting, irritability, etc. are seen in children, then they should be shown to the doctor immediately.

Disease is Contagious

Illnesses are more common in winter because viruses spread more easily in the air when a sick person coughs or sneezes. Children are often most contagious two to three days after becoming unwell. These children can spread the infection from one to another.

What is Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs, due to which children start having cough, fever and difficulty in breathing. Complications of pneumonia are more serious for newborns and young children.

Ways to Prevent Pneumonia

  • Vaccination is the most effective ways to protect children from pneumonia.
  • Taking care of their diet and personal hygiene can help reduce the risk of this disease.
  • Children should avoid overcrowding.
  • Try to limit contact with sick people.
  • You should cover your mouth and nose while coughing.
  • You should wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Food rich in all essential nutrients should be taken.
  • To prevent pneumonia, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Vaccination is Necessary to Protect Against Pneumonia

Children across the country are facing the pandemic. Frequent infections and hospitalizations challenge pediatric health systems. The vaccination campaign had suffered a setback due to COVID-19. Due to children not getting regular vaccination, the risk of diseases like measles is increasing. In view of this, last month, the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (A.A.P.) announced new guidelines on vaccination of children for the first time since the COVID pandemic.

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