How to Identify Real Pearl Tips

How to Identify Real Pearl Tips: Gemstones have special significance in astrology. According to so many zodiac signs and planets, some recommend wearing gems like pearls. Wearing a pearl ring or maternal uncle is said to be beneficial. Along with this, pearl jewelery is also in trend nowadays and people also like to wear it. Now in such a situation it becomes very difficult to identify the real and fake pearls and you get cheated. To avoid this, it is important that you should know the difference between real and fake pearl accessories.

How to Identify Real Pearl Tips

The demand for pearls has increased rapidly these days. In fact, the cost of pearls is very high. There are two varieties of real pearls. Natural pearls that come from snails and cultured pearls that are farmed. The color, size, luster and other characteristics of natural pearls and cultured pearls may differ. This is the reason why true pearls are expensive because they are natural. Pearls are easily available even at jewelers’ shops. However, often some imitation pearls are sold to consumers as genuine pearls. So let’s know what is the difference between real pearl and fake pearl and how you can identify it.

How to Identify Real Pearl Tips

Check Temperature

The true pearls change according to the temperature of our body (Identify Real Pearl Tips). If you touch the pearl first, it will feel cool. As your body temperature rises, it will gradually warm up. Conversely, if the pearl is imitation or forged, its temperature will be the same as at room temperature. There will be no change in its temperature.

Pay Attention to the Color

If the pearl is real, it has a natural luster. It has a light pink color. But if the pearl is false, it will be completely white. Not only this, along with being shiny, it looks a bit plastic. (Identify Real Pearl Tips)

Identify by Size

The size of each pearl is different. Some pearls are big in size and some are small (Identify Real Pearl Tips). Also the color of each pearl is also different. Most of the pearls are not completely round but are slightly elliptical. Genuine pearls are round but they are a bit rare to find.

How to Identify Real Pearl Tips

There is also a Difference in Weight

Real pearls are heavy in weight. So if you want to check whether the pearl is real or not, just toss it in the air and hold it in your hand. When you hold this pearl in your hand, you can feel its weight. Imitation beads are made from solid glass beads so they are light in weight.

look at the Pearl Hole

Imitation pearls have drill holes. But in real pearls this hole is very small. It is slightly larger in relatively false beads. If the hole visible in the pearl is small then it is real.

Try this Recipe to check

Soak the pearl in cow urine for 24 hours. If during this time the color of the pearl changes or its luster fades, then understand that the pearl is fake. But if the color of the pearl remains intact, then understand that the pearl is real. (Identify Real Pearl Tips)

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