How to Increase Digestion Power and its Home Remedies

How to increase digestion power and its home remedies

How to Increase Digestion Power: In today’s time, lack of digestive power has become a common problem. Due to paucity of time, people are eating less home food and more outside food. Due to this the food is not digested properly in the stomach and there is a complaint of indigestion. The diseases related to stomach also start from here. Gas formation or constipation in the stomach are all signs of weak digestive power.

It may be that even by not eating food sitting in the right posture, your digestive power becomes weak. Not only this, if ever we get delicious food, then without thinking, we also eat more food than necessary. Because of this also the food is not digested properly. If our digestive power is strong then all these problems will be relieved. Now the question arises that how to increase digestion power, then we will give you the answer in this article. But before that let’s know what is digestion power?

What is Digestion System

When the digestive power is correct, then the person also remains healthy and happy. Actually, digestion is the process, which breaks down the food into small components and absorbs them into the bloodstream, so that the food gets digested well in the stomach. Digestion is a type of catabolism in which large molecules of food are broken down into smaller molecules. There are two types of digestive system. Internal digestive system and external digestive system. The entire digestive system in humans is about 9 meters long. The digestion process in a healthy human can take 24 to 72 hours. (How to Increase Digestion Power)

Home Remedies to Increase Digestion Power

How to increase digestion power and its home remedies

In today’s lifestyle, we take food very lightly. If the work is more, then while working, ate food. Sometimes they do not even bother to sit down and eat food while standing. Whereas food should always be eaten sitting down. At the same time, due to lack of time, they often eat junk food or fried and fried food from outside by not preparing food at home.

This is where the problem of digestion begins. Due to weak digestion power, we feel sick all the time. They say no, ‘the stomach is clean, every disease is removed’. That’s why we have brought for you home remedies to increase digestion power, if you try them, then your digestion will be fine and you will not have to run to the doctor again and again.

Drink lukewarm water

Water is one of the most important things for our body. Experts also tell us to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Water not only provides energy to our body but also prevents it from getting dehydrated. Drinking water flushes out the toxins from our body. Apart from this, drinking lukewarm water is better than normal water. Digestive power increases by drinking lukewarm water. So if you are going through weak digestion power then start drinking lukewarm water from today itself.

Eat as much as you want

Most of us cringe at the delicious food we get. If you are hungry, then just what to say. Many times in this happiness we eat more food than we need. So much so that after that he does not even move from his place. This is the biggest reason for not digesting food and getting indigestion. So eat as much food as you are hungry. Apart from this, do not lie down immediately after eating, but try to walk a little, so that the food goes easily to five and helps in increasing digestion power.

Chew the food

The elders say, the number of teeth in the mouth, the food should be chewed as many times. Now it is not possible to chew each mouthful 32 times, but it can be eaten by chewing the food properly. The more food you swallow and eat, the weaker the digestive power will be. So chew the food and eat it. This will help in increasing your digestive power.

Keep Doing Physical work

Many of us do not even want to move from our place after eating food. Apart from this, due to office work from home, the movement has also reduced. Just get up, say, sit and do office work, then eat and then go to sleep. In such a situation, not much physical work can be done throughout the day. Physical work should also be done to increase digestion power.

Eat food at the Right Time

In today’s fast-paced life, there is no right time to eat food. When we get free time, we eat food. Because of this our digestive power is getting weaker day by day. There is a right time to eat food. For example, breakfast should be done before 9 am. Whereas, lunch should be eaten between 1 and 2 pm. Apart from this, always eat dinner 2 hours before sleeping. After eating food and going to sleep immediately, the food is not digested properly and there is a complaint of indigestion.

Eat foods Rich in vitamin c

To increase digestion power, increase the amount of vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C is very helpful in improving digestion. Digestive power is strengthened by consuming food rich in Vitamin-C. Include vitamin-C-rich foods, such as broccoli, oranges, kiwis and strawberries, in your diet. If you want, you can also drink lemon-water during the day.

Ginger Consumption

Ginger is also very helpful for digestion. Ginger is found in almost every household. It is used from making tea to cooking. Ginger reduces the amount of acid in our stomach, ginger contains chemicals called gingerol and shogaol, which are very effective in increasing the digestive power of the stomach. For this, you take a spoon of finely chopped ginger and take a cup of water, now put ginger in this water and boil it, after boiling, when it cools down a bit, add honey to it, now you have to take it before meals or Drink it 2 to 3 times before sleeping.

Eat Banana

Banana is also a surefire way to increase digestion power. Banana binds the stomach. and strengthens the digestive power. Banana is such a fruit, which is easily available in every season. However, it is advisable to eat less banana in winter. Banana is not very expensive either. Apart from being cheap in the market, this humite also increases the digestive power. It would be better to start your day by eating a banana every morning. There will never be a complaint of indigestion from this. (How to Increase Digestion Power)

Do Vajrasana

From the elders of the house to yoga experts, after eating food, it is advisable to sit in Vajrasana. By sitting in Vajrasana, food goes to five quickly and digestion power also increases. To do Vajrasana, bend both your legs backwards and bring them under the hips. Now sit for a while by resting the hips on the feet. If you do Vajrasana after every meal, you will never complain of indigestion.

FAQ’s about Increasing Digestion Power

Q1. What to do to improve digestion?

Ans: To improve digestion, take cardamom after eating food. Apart from this, the digestion process is also correct by doing Vajrasana.

Q2. How does the digestive system get damaged?

Ans: Eating more food or eating junk food and fried roasted food outside spoils the digestive system.

Q3. What happens due to poor digestion?

Ans: Due to poor digestion, there is a problem of gas and constipation in the stomach.

Q4. Why does the digestive power become weak?

Ans: Digestive power gets weakened by eating too much food.

Q5. Which yoga should be done for digestion?

Ans: Vajrasana is the best yoga for digestion.

Q6. Does eating increase digestion power?

Ans: Digestive power increases by eating one banana daily