Importance of Intimate Hygiene in Summer During Pregnancy

Importance of Intimate Hygiene in Summer During Pregnancy

Everyone gives advice related to taking health-related precautions from eating and drinking to women during pregnancy. But there will be very few people who will tell you about keeping the private parts (Intimate Hygiene) healthy in pregnancy.

The cleanliness of private parts should be taken care of anyway. But in pregnancy it becomes even more necessary. In such a situation, we will talk about how to maintain intimate hygiene during the summer season. Also, what products can be used to keep private parts healthy during pregnancy.

Importance of Intimate Hygiene in Summer During Pregnancy

Women should not be careless about intimate hygiene during pregnancy. It is very important to maintain intimate hygiene to keep the fetus free from infection. Below are sharing some tips related to intimate hygiene for pregnant women:

1. Wear 100% Cotton Panties

There is a lot of sweating in the summer days. In such a situation, pregnant women should wear cotton panties. They are very comfortable and absorb sweat easily. In addition, the skin is also able to breathe freely in it. During this, fabrics like lace, synthetic etc. should be avoided. Because they can cause infection, rashes and irritation in the skin around the private part.

2. Keep The Private Part Dry

The most important thing for pregnant women during the summer season is to keep the area around their vagina dry. If there is no dryness around the vaginal area, there is a possibility of bacteria to grow.

3. Cleansing The Vagina

There are many intimate washes available in the market. Avoid using intimate washes containing chemicals of any kind to clean the vagina. These can imbalance the pH level of the vagina. Always go for a dermatologist certified natural intimate wash. Also keep in mind that intimate wash should always be applied externally. Avoid using it internally.

4. Say No to Shapewear for Intimate Hygiene During Pregnancy

Many shapewear brands claim that they are comfortable even during pregnancy. But don’t take such things as truth. This compresses the body. Because of this, there can be more pressure on the bladder and uterus.

5. Don’t wear tight clothes

Wearing tight clothes should also be avoided to maintain intimate hygiene in summer. This is because it can affect the blood circulation in the area around the vagina. It can also cause sweating. In pregnancy anyway doctors ask to wear comfortable clothes.

6. Apply Panty Liner

The size of the uterus increases in the third trimester of pregnancy. During this time, most women start complaining of leaking urine. In such a situation, use panty liner to maintain intimate hygiene and change it every two to three hours.

7. Trim Pubic Hair for Intimate Hygiene During Pregnancy

To maintain intimate hygiene during pregnancy, trim the pubic hairs from time to time. This reduces the chances of causing any kind of allergy. Do not shaving and waxing at all to remove them.

One needs to be careful while trimming pubic hair. Trim these off the top. Never trim pubic hairs deep inside. Because the area around the vagina is very sensitive in the same way. It is better not to trim the hair near the vagina.

Hope this article based on Intimate Hygiene in Pregnancy will prove to be informative for you. To maintain intimate hygiene, pregnant women must follow the tips given in the article. Also, if anyone complains of any kind of odor or allergy from the vaginal area, then contact the doctor without delay. If you liked this article of ours, then do share it in your friend circle.

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