Is It Healthy to Apply Ghee on Roti Everyday

Is It Healthy to Apply Ghee on Roti Everyday: There are many such families here where no one can think of eating bread without applying ghee. There are some families where it is preferred to apply ghee to the roti occasionally. But, people who are trying to lose weight often first of all minus ghee from their food and these people prefer to eat only dry roti. know Is It Healthy to Apply Ghee on Roti Everyday.

Although experts have been repeatedly telling the health benefits of ghee, but still it remains in the mind that how much ghee should be consumed so that it does not cause any harm. Whether you like to eat bread with ghee or not, it is important to know whether it is right to eat bread with ghee or just people have been applying ghee on bread just like that.

Is It Healthy to Apply Ghee on Roti Everyday

Nutritionist Aanchal Sogani has recently given information about this on her Instagram and explained why it is beneficial to eat roti with ghee daily. Aanchal has written in her post that eating ghee does not mean that you eat a lot, but if you eat ghee in sufficient quantity, it proves to be very good for health.

Why Should We Eat Ghee

1. Ghee helps in reducing the glycemic index of roti. (The glycemic index is a type of rating system that is associated with carbohydrate rich foods. It tells how quickly a food increases the body’s sugar level after eating it.)

2. This makes the stomach feel full and you avoid binge eating throughout the day.

3. Ghee contains fat soluble vitamins which makes it beneficial in weight loss. It balances hormones and maintains good cholesterol in the body.

4. Ghee has a high heat point and because of this it does not allow free radicals to be formed that destroy cells.

How Much Ghee is Right to Put in Roti

There is no harm in eating bread with a small teaspoon of ghee in it (Ghee on Roti). But eating too much ghee is not good for health.

How Can Use

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar also always keeps ghee in her list of top winter foods (Ghee on Roti). According to Rujuta, ghee should be eaten with roti, dal rice, bhakri with anything. Rujuta considers it necessary for increasing the test as well as for vitamins A, E, D and fatty acids.

Ayurveda also believes in the Benefits of Ghee

In Ayurveda, it is advised to eat ghee early in the morning on an empty stomach (Ghee on Roti). According to Ayurveda, eating ghee in the morning keeps the digestive system smooth and gives relief from constipation. This maintains the glow of the skin and also helps in reducing weight.

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