Karva Chauth Makeup Look Tutorial Step by Step

Karva Chauth Makeup Look Tutorial Step by Step

Karva Chauth is observed for the long life of one’s spouse. This fast is very special for married women and to fulfill it, women worship with rituals. Along with this, she decorates herself a lot on this day and does sixteen makeup. After all, on this day she wants to look the most beautiful. For this, she also starts making preparations a few days in advance as well as booking for makeup in the parlor. But due to corona infection these days everyone is very cautious about their safety and feel safe at home. But due to Corona, there will be no dissolution in color in the festival of Karva Chauth. Yes, because even if you do not feel like getting makeup done from the parlor, but you can do the same makeup (Karva Chauth Makeup Tutorial) by yourself sitting at home.

How to Do Makeup for Karva Chauth 2023 Tutorial

Every bride wants to look the most beautiful on this day. When she breaks her fast after seeing the moon in the night, her husband’s eyes should be fixed only on her beauty. To fulfill your wish, here we are telling you to do step by step Karva Chauth Makeup Tutorial, so that you can get the perfect makeup look like a parlor sitting at home.

Step 1 Cleansing

Before applying makeup, it is most important that you prepare your face for it. For this, first you have to clean your face. This removes the dust and dirt accumulated on the face and the makeup base looks smooth.

Step 2 – Toning

After the cleanser, apply a good toner on the face. Due to this the pH level of the skin remains balanced and your skin does not get spoiled. If you have allergy problem then you can apply serum on the face after this.

Step 3 Moisturizing

This step is most important in makeup because without it the makeup looks dry. That’s why apply a good moisturizer. This removes dryness. On the other hand, if you are going out with makeup somewhere in the morning or afternoon, then definitely apply sunscreen after moisturizer.

Karva Chauth Makeup Look Tutorial Step by Step

Step 4 – Primer

If you want a matte finish makeup look like parlor, then definitely include primer in your makeup kit. Primer is very important in the makeup world and should not be overlooked. With the help of primer, a smooth and flawless base is created for makeup. Face primer is a beauty product that forms a layer between makeup and your face. It is a base for makeup and foundation. It is applied on the face before applying foundation.

Step 5 Foundation

Foundation strengthens the foundation of makeup and makes the face look uniform. If you do not use or apply foundation properly, then the rest of the makeup will look ugly. That is why the method of applying your foundation should be absolutely correct. If you have a lot of blemishes or any other marks on your face, then use the skin character beforehand. Then after this, pat the foundation dot-dot all over the face with the help of a brush or sponge (Beauty Blender). For best results, wet the beauty blender and squeeze it and then apply foundation. Try not to rub or spread it. Blend the foundation all over the face and neck by simply patting. Also keep in mind that always blend downwards, never blend from bottom to top.

Step 6 – Concealer

Many people do not use concealer to do makeup, but it is essential for the perfect makeup look. Concealer is a useful product if you have an uneven face and also have problems with dark circles, fine lines, acne, which plays an important role in facial makeup. For this, after foundation, apply concealer on dark circles or dark spots and blend it lightly. On the other hand, keep in mind that if you have a lot of spots or acne on your skin, then apply concealer first and then foundation.

Step 7 – Contouring

Highlighting the features of your face is called contouring. Due to this definition is added to the face and the face also gets shape. Contouring is a makeup strategy that involves applying a shade of dark makeup to your natural skin tone to create an illusion that makes your facial features appear sharper. With this, you can enhance the beauty of the face by making your cheeks, nose and jawline appear sharp with the help of brown lipstick or dark skin color of eyeshadow palette. Sometimes girls forget to contour their jaw line. Be sure to contour the forehead, brow bone, cheek bones and nose as well as the jaw line. Only then all the features of the face will be seen sharp.

Step 8 – Translucent Setting Powder

We usually use face powder but translucent setting powder is used for special professional makeup. Apply it on the face with the help of a brush and then you will see how your make-up will not budge.

Step 9 – Blush

Blush has always been a favorite because it gives a youthful and rosy complexion. Pink or peach color blusher will look more good on this occasion. Apply a light blusher during the day but a little more blusher should be applied during the night as the light steals the colour. If you mix a little highlighter with it, then it gives an amazing look. It is important that you choose a good blush.

Karva Chauth Makeup Look Tutorial Step by Step

Step 10 – Give Color and Shape to the Eyebrows

Although you must have got the eyebrows set, but even after that it is necessary to set it. For this, shape your eyebrows with brow powder and then feel it well with the help of smudge.

Step 11 – Eye Makeup

The beauty of the eyes also makes and spoils your entire look, so do your eye makeup with utmost care. Make sure to apply face powder on your eyelet first. Then apply eye shadow of light golden, bronze, copper or whatever shade you like. To give a perfect look to the eyes, apply black colored winged eyeliner. Don’t forget to apply mascara to the eye lashes. This will make your eyes look bigger and beautiful. If you want to get a nude makeup-like look, then instead of your black kajal, apply white kajal and smudge it with black or brown color under it. This will make your eyes look much bigger.

Step 12 – Lip Makeup

Then it is the turn of the lips. After applying lip liner, apply lip shade matching with your dress. Most of the people prefer red color lipstick on Karva Chauth because it matches with their bindi and vermilion. By the way, apply lip balm on the lips before starting the makeup so that by the time the time comes to apply lipstick, your lips are smooth. (Karva Chauth Makeup Tutorial).

Step 13 – Highlighter

Highlighter highlights the important parts of your face. It gives your face a more radiant, supple, hydrated and glowing look. Highlighting certain parts of the face has become a trend these days to make a thin face look thick and fat to thin. Apply highlighter where you need more dimension, such as the forehead, cheeks, cheekbones, nose, above the brow and on the brow bone.

After this, keep your hair open or make a bun and put gajra in it. If there is a bright dot on the forehead, then the makeup gets four-moon. If you want, you can make a beautiful bindi of Kumkum with your own hands on the occasion of Karva Chauth. Get your Karva Chauth special makeup done sitting at home. (Karva Chauth Makeup Tutorial)

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