How to Make Your Leggings Last Longer Tips

How to Make Your Leggings Last Longer Tips: Leggings are a good option in comfortable bottom wear. That is why leggings are definitely included in every girl’s wardrobe. On the other hand, when you buy a kurti, the first thing that comes to mind is the matching dupatta and leggings. These days the trend of wearing leggings on kurtis as well as t-shirts is increasing. Most of the people buy leggings without checking the brand and quality. By the way, no matter how expensive the leggings are, they tend to wear out after a time.

How to Make Your Leggings Last Longer Tips

Often we have seen that after a while the kurta stays the same and the leggings get spoiled. Leggings start to become loose after wearing only a few times, sometimes the fabric of leggings starts wearing out and weeping also comes in it. No matter how expensive leggings are, the mindset is that they will wear out. That’s why we immediately bring a new legging as soon as it gets damaged. But with a little care, your leggings will last longer and save money too. So let’s know the right way to maintain leggings as well as tips to keep it looking new for a long time.

Don’t wash leggings Constantly

If clothes are washed too much, they spoil quickly. Their durability decreases. The same is true of leggings. It gets spoiled quickly due to excessive washing (Leggings Last Longer Tips). Therefore, wash it only after using it two to three times.

wash leggings this way

When washing clothes, it is important to know what fabric it is made of. Leggings are stretchable, there are fabrics like nylon, cotton, spandex. Therefore, care should be taken while washing. That is, without washing it too vigorously, wash it with light hands without rubbing it too vigorously. so that its elastic does not deteriorate. It is better to wash it by hand rather than by machine. To maintain the shine of leggings, always wash it upside downs. (Leggings Last Longer Tips)

Do not use fabric softener

Do not use fabric softener to wash leggings (Leggings Last Longer Tips). Avoid using it on fabrics like spandex, polyester. You can use vinegar instead of fabric softener. You can wash the leggings by soaking them in cold water and vinegar for half an hour. With this, both its shine and quality will remain intact.

The right way to dry leggings

Leggings should be dried thoroughly after washing. Do not dry the leggings in the scorching sun and also do not dry it in the dryer. Leggings wear out quickly with the hit of the dryer. He will start getting holes and even cry. Leggings can be air dried in the shade or indoors rather than in the hot sun.

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