5 Food Items to Keep Liver Clean and Healthy

5 Food Items to Keep Liver Clean and Healthy

Like every part of the body, the liver also has its own importance. The liver guards everything that goes inside the body. From there it is decided whether that thing is worthy of the person or not, but while performing its duty, sometimes the liver also gets tired. On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day, from Dr. Pooja Choudhary, Wellness Consultant at Healthie’s, know about 5 such food items that can keep the liver healthy. To avoid fatigue, weakness, headache, body ache and other health problems, change the diet and include these things in the diet. know 5 Food Items to Keep Liver Clean and Healthy.

5 Food Items to Keep Liver Clean and Healthy

Garlic Test in Food

Allicin and selenium are two such natural compounds, with the help of which the liver can be cleaned. The good thing is that both these compounds are found in garlic. Therefore, make sure to try adding garlic to your vegetables or other food items.

Keep Apples away from the Doctor

Perhaps you have heard the saying – eating an apple every day can save you from the doctor. This is absolutely true because a lot of pectin is found in apples. With its help, the liver can easily handle the toxic load during the cleaning process.

Green vegetables essential in Balanced Diet

Emphasis is placed on including green and leafy vegetables in a balanced diet. Actually, green vegetables have a very important role in cleaning the liver. If till now you used to run away from vegetables like spinach, fenugreek and gourd, then go to the vegetable market today and buy them.

Now cooking with olive oil

Olive oil and linseed oil are considered organic oils, provided they are used properly and in quantity. Olive oil creates a lipid base in the body, which absorbs harmful toxins. In this way, this oil reduces the burden of the liver somewhat.

Turmeric along with salt and salt

Talking about the most favorite spice of liver, it is turmeric. The use of turmeric is emphasized in most vegetables and other food items. Actually, the detoxification process of the liver can be boosted with the help of turmeric.

Taking care of your health is in your own hands. To avoid the disease, it is necessary to maintain a regular lifestyle. Liver can also be kept healthy by avoiding junk food and consumption.

Be Healthy, Be Happy!

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