Know Why You Are Not Losing Weight Despite Dieting

Know why you are not losing weight despite dieting

Losing Weight Despite Dieting: Who likes the increased weight? Especially what we girls do not do to reduce our extra weight. We do exercise, go on dieting, yet the body does not take the name of going extra fat. Fitting in old clothes gives us even more pleasure than wearing new clothes. But many times we sit down assuming our metabolism rate responsible and think that nothing can happen to us. If you think the same way, then let us tell you that losing weight is not rocket science. Yes it does take some time but the weight is reduced. It may be that despite doing a lot of exercise and dieting, if you are not losing weight, then some of your own mistakes are responsible behind it. Yes, we are telling you here about some such mistakes, due to which the weight does not reduce despite dieting.

Know Why You Are Not Losing Weight Despite Dieting

Starting your day with a cup of coffee or tea can be a good idea to give the needed energy. But are you making it an excuse to skip breakfast? Research shows that most people who eat less than three meals a day are most likely to overeat. So, avoid such unhealthy eating habits and have a piece of fruit, an egg or even toast on the way to work and make it count. Trust me, your body needs it.

Avoid Low Calorie Diets

 Know why you are not losing weight despite dieting

It is possible that when you are trying to lose weight, suddenly your weight starts increasing instead of decreasing. Confuse? We tell you. When you decide to eat low calorie food, your body thinks that you are in trouble and it starts feeling more hungry. Then it affects your blood pressure, metabolism and even your period cycle. If you are not aware of this, then let us tell you that choosing a low calorie diet is the worst thing for your body. Instead, focus only on your exercises, which will give you long-term benefits.

Don’t Skip Daily Meals

So, it is great that you have changed your eating habits and you are focusing on eating something healthy instead. But this does not mean that you should fill your stomach by eating only salad. Eating salad will also not help you lose weight. There is no point in eliminating whole foods like bread, rice or chapatis and the key to healthy eating is to eat a little of everything.

Celebrate less Cheat Day

Weekends don’t mean you start treating them as cheat days. During this also you have to avoid outside food and junk food. Otherwise these two days will definitely spoil your 5 days of dieting during the week. Cheat day can also add up to your extra calories and spoil your gym work. Enjoy the weekends but don’t overdo it.

Don’t lie to Yourself

Many of us do not remember how often we unknowingly eat junk food. People tend to forget about small meals in the middle of the day, which is definitely a hindrance in their weight loss. Track your calories and write down what you eat. It will help you a lot in reducing your weight.

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