How to Make Lotion Bar at Home

How to Make Lotion Bar at Home

You must have also heard about the trending lotion bar. The meaning of beauty is changing regularly in our daily life. If soaps are trending in a week, then in the next week only the advice of experts not to use soap comes. So, if you also love your skincare routine and keep trying new ways to take care of your skin, then you will definitely love these lotion bars. know How to Make Lotion Bar at Home.

Before talking about the recipe of lotion bar, we would like to know that do you know what exactly is a lotion bar? Many dermatologists say that applying lotion after bathing locks the moisturizer. Also, if you apply lotion before sleeping at night, your skin remains soft. Now, when we know how important it is to apply lotion, why should we use a lotion bar instead? Actually, lotion bars are made of hydrating ingredients, which are much better than water-based lotions. Also, they can be easily made at home. These two things make the lotion bar plastic free and water free. So let us tell you how to make lotion bars.

How to Make Lotion Bar at Home

How to Make Lotion Bar at Home

Do You want it

– 1 cup coconut oil
– 1 cup cocoa-butter
– 1 cup beeswax
– 1 tsp essential oil of your choice
– 1 tbsp Vitamin E
– rose leaves

How to Make a Lotion Bar

– Take a saucepan and put it on the gas. Now heat it on low flame.

– Now add coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax to it. Mix all these things well and combine.

– Switch off the gas and let the mixture cool down. However, we don’t want to let it get too cold, so leave it until it’s warm to slightly warm.

– Now put rose leaves in it.

– Put this batter carefully in the silicone mold and let it cool down. Do not touch the mold until it cools down completely.

– Now take them out.

If you are wondering how you will use these lotion bars, it is very simple. For this, you have to take the lotion bar on your palm and rub it. It’s in a solid form, so it needs some heat, and because of this you should rub the bar between your hands. When it starts melting, apply it on your body and that’s it. is your ultimate lifestyle destination and personal guide invites you to take a tour of exclusive information on Beauty, Health, Fashion, Relationships, Celebrities, Travel, Food, Parenting and more. Contact Email: