Malaika Starts her Day with lots of liquid Know all her Morning Drinks

Malaika Starts her Day with lots of liquid Know all her Morning Drinks

Malaika Arora is one of those celebs of Bollywood and glamor world who have always impressed people with their fitness. The actress is not only fit but also very active and her skin also glows naturally. 49-year-old Malaika follows everything from yoga to right food in her daily routine. The actress inspires both looks and fitness. If you also want to look fit and young like Malaika, then you can include some basic things from this celeb’s routine like starting the day with liquid.

Malaika had said in one of her interviews that she starts her day with a lot of liquid and it includes all kinds of liquids. Let’s know what liquid Malaika likes to drink every morning.

Lime and Honey

Malaika likes to drink lemon and honey mixed with lukewarm water in the morning. Along with detoxing the body, this drink is also beneficial for fat loss and glowing skin.

Cumin water

There are many benefits of drinking cumin water in the morning on an empty stomach. Malaika also likes to take cumin water in the morning in different types of liquids. Cumin water keeps the digestive system smooth in the body and gets rid of problems like bloating. It also gets rid of problems like constipation.

Ghee in lukewarm water

Malaika also likes to drink lukewarm water mixed with ghee in the morning. By drinking ghee mixed with hot water, metabolism remains correct, weight loss occurs and it is beneficial for keeping blood circulation smooth.

Coconut oil in lukewarm water

Malaika has told in her interview that she also drinks coconut oil by adding coconut oil to the water. Drinking coconut oil in lukewarm water also helps in weight loss. The fatty acids present in coconut oil are helpful in weight loss, but keep in mind that the oil is completely pure.

Plain water

Malaika has also told in her interview that she also drinks plain lukewarm water in the morning.

Also know what Malaika eats first

Because the actress does not eat anything after 7 o’clock in the night, so in the morning she breaks her fast with dry fruits after water. After this the actress has a heavy lunch and a light dinner at night.

Although it is true that many people crave tea first thing in the morning, but starting the day with lukewarm water is beneficial in every respect and it is a good habit. With exercise, right diet and a better start in the morning, you too can get fitness like Malaika.

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