Why Massage Should Be Included in Your Skin Care Routine

Why Massage Should Be Included in Your Skin Care Routine

Due to the corona virus, there has been a lot of change in everyone’s lifestyle. With these changes, more stress has also made its place in life. Stress, doing office work along with household chores. Think many times before leaving the house, take care of protection from the virus even before going to someone’s house or calling someone home. In such a situation, it is natural for everyone to increase their anxiety or stress level. Massage works to reduce this stress. Even a small massage works like magic on our body and mind after a long and tiring day. know Why Massage Should Be Included in Your Skin Care Routine.

Massage is very relaxing not only on the body but also on the face. You can also massage the face while applying a face pack, face oil or a good sheet mask. Now the question arises that why it is important to include massage in the skin care routine. We are going to tell you here some such reasons, knowing that you will not be able to live without including massage in your skin care routine.

Prevent Wrinkles

Why Massage Should Be Included in Your Skin Care Routine

As we age, the texture of the skin also starts changing. As we cross 30, wrinkles and fine lines start making their home on the skin of our face. Before wrinkles start growing, we should start taking care of our skin. This includes facial exercises, better quality skin care products and massages, along with a few lifestyle changes. All these prevent wrinkles from appearing on our face. That’s why we must include 5 to 8 minutes of massage every day in our lifestyle.

Make Skin Soft

Always massage the face with light hands. Massaging done with excessive pressure or rough hands can damage your skin. Massage done with light hands at the same place makes the skin soft and also works to bring glow to it. If you don’t like using your fingers to massage your face, you can also use a face tool like a face roller or an ice roller. All these are tools designed for a good facial massage.

Improve Blood Circulation

Massage therapy improves blood circulation. Actually, blood works to deliver oxygen to the skin and makes it healthy and glowing. Massage upwards with circular motion on the face. Even a 5-minute massage every day with the help of a face roller brings new life to the skin. Within a month, you will be able to see the difference on your face.

Massage for Glowing Skin

Every day massage not only tightens the face skin but also makes it glowing. After the massage, you yourself will feel that your skin looks more hydrated and glowing than before. For this, wrap some ice in a towel and gently massage your face for a few minutes. Due to this, both the puffiness and dullness of the face are removed. and of course, do not forget to apply moisturizer after the ice massage.

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