If You Hate Matte Lipstick Then You will love These Alternatives

If You Hate Matte Lipstick Then You will love These Alternatives

If you are also a makeup addict, you may have too many lipsticks. It is the most important part of a woman’s makeup kit and every girl will definitely find some lipstick with her, which she loves to apply daily because not only does it make her face glowing, but at the same time it is yours. Increases confidence too. However, with time we have switched from glossy lipsticks to long lasting liquid matte lipstick.

In fact, matte lipsticks usually form a crusty layer on our lips and due to this our lips become chapped and uncomfortable and do not look good either. However, in the recent past, there have been formulations that also help keep your lips soft. That’s why we’ve brought you some lipstick textures that don’t dry out your lips like matte lipsticks.

If You Hate Matte Lipstick Then You will love These Alternatives

Lip Stain

This is a better and more pigmented version of lip tints. Lip stain is quite a cream which gives a creamy touch to your lips and glides along the lips for a long lasting finish. We also love lip stains because they come in so many colors and also act as a creamy blush.

Creamy Matte

Once you try it, it will become your favorite and you will always carry this type of creamy matte lipstick in your bag. However, matte bullets can be a bit drawing at times. For this reason, always choose a creamy matte lipstick for yourself as it is also highly pigmented and gives a matte finish.

Powder Matte

This is also one of our favorite lipsticks on the list as powder matte lipsticks help to remove the flakiness of your lips. The texture of the powder matte makes it glides on the lips very smoothly and the product is quite versatile. You can create many types of lip looks with powder matte lipstick such as bloated lips, stand lips, Ombre lips.

Lip Oil

The hottest thing this season is lip oils as they are truly a game changer. It is not like a gloss but it is definitely like a lip balm because it also moisturizes your lips. If you want to create a minimal beauty look daily, then lip oil is a great option for you.

Liquid Matte Lipstick
Liquid Matte Lipstick

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