Microcurrent Facial Is Also Successful For Anti-aging Along With Skin Glow

Microcurrent Facial Is Also Successful For Anti-aging Along With Skin Glow

Girls work very hard to look beautiful. Along with various natural remedies on her skin, she also visits parlors and dermatologists for chemical treatments. At the time of marriage, there is a huge crowd in the beauty parlor. From an early age, girls are now emphasizing on getting facials etc. From simple clean ups to fruit facials, chocolate facials, charcoal facials, gold facials, diamond facials, there are many procedures that claim to enhance beauty. Apart from these facials, microcurrent facials are also very popular in the beauty sector these days. If you have not heard anything about it till now, then know today what is microcurrent facial, its process, benefits and other important things.

What Is Microcurrent Facial

Till now you must have heard about many such facials, which can enhance your beauty. Today we are talking about a new type of facial, which is called microcurrent facial. As the name suggests, this facial is like a treatment. This facial not only makes the skin beautiful, youthful and spotless, but also suits every skin type. This is a facial procedure that improves the texture by toning the facial muscles. Due to this the glow of the skin increases and it starts glowing.

It is an anti-aging technology, in which the facial muscles are rejuvenated using low electricity. Now the trend of microcurrent technology has become very common and many spas use this technology as a facial. It is a type of light therapy, which increases the production of collagen and elastin. This makes the skin appear younger. Sometimes this technique is also combined with peels, which are a type of exfoliating treatment.

Microcurrent Facial Is Also Successful For Anti-aging Along With Skin Glow

How Is Microcurrent Facial Different From Others?

Usually, fruits, multani mitti, gram flour, neem, lentils / rice paste, chocolate, flowers etc. are used for facials, whereas microcurrent facial is a chemical treatment, in which chemical-rich products and equipment are used. However, the entire facial procedure does not cause any pain to the person. While simple facials can be easily done by visiting a parlor or even done on your own, microcurrent facials can only be done by professionals. There are many dermatologists in large cities whose centers now offer microcurrent facials. In simple facials, facials are usually done according to the skin type and budget, while in microcurrent facials, the skin is examined with the help of magnifying lamps to find out what the skin ultimately needs.

Microcurrent facials may cost a bit more when compared to regular facials, but after getting this facial, the glow of the skin will recover that price.

How Microcurrent Facial Is Done – Microcurrent Facial Process

Microcurrent facials are performed in several steps. This facial begins with a consultation. Estheticians start treatment only after taking full knowledge of your skin problem and diet, so that they can give the right guidance and you too do not have any problem.

Cleansing: Before doing any facial, the dirt and makeup accumulated on the face is removed. Like other facials, the first thing to do in microcurrent facials is cleansing. If you have applied any cream, toner, moisturizer or makeup on the face, then it gets cleaned through cleansing.

Skin Analysis: After the skin is cleaned, skin information is taken through magnifying lamps, so that they can better understand your skin and its needs before the next step. Without understanding the skin and its needs, this process cannot be carried forward. The products and treatments are selected after looking at the skin type and conditions.

Exfoliation: After steaming, dermatologists use mechanical or chemical exfoliants to remove dead skin cells. Facial massage is also done in this, so that the facial muscles can relax and breathe.

Mask: In this process, experts apply a layer of peel off mask on the face. This mask is selected based on your skin type and its needs. It is kept on the face for 20 minutes. After the mask has dried, it is removed from the face.

Toner: In the final step, the dermatologist leaves the toner on your face. It is advisable not to use anything on the face for at least 1 day after getting a microcurrent facial.

Benefits Of Microcurrent Facial

This microcurrent facial done in a chemical way has many benefits. Know all the benefits of this facial.

Texture is Better

Microcurrent facial improves skin texture. It also defines the facial jawline and uplifts the eyebrows. This reduces the science of anti-aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

Pores are Tight

It is called an anti aging facial because in this facial the pores of the skin are tightened. By getting this facial done once in a month, the skin starts looking young.

Blood Circulation

Along with increasing the level of collagen in the skin, this facial also improves blood circulation, which makes the skin appear glowing.

Skin Detox

Microcurrent facial detoxifies the skin and removes all the toxins, thereby keeping the skin healthy forever.

Clear Pimples

This facial reduces the problem of acne and pimples on the skin to a great extent. With its help, the dead skin of the face gets removed and the clogged pores also open.

Brighten the Complexion

By getting this facial done regularly, the complexion of the face becomes even and the glow on the face is clearly visible.

Other Benefits Of Microcurrent Facial

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, there are many other benefits of this facial. Learn about them.

1. It enhances the activity of facial fibroblast cells. Found in connective tissue, these cells make proteins called collagen and elastin.

2. Microcurrent facial increases blood circulation as well as lymph circulation.

3. It increases adenosine triphosphate synthesis, which provides energy to the skin cells.

4. It also enhances protein synthesis and cell membrane transport.

Take Special Care of These Things

Before getting a microcurrent facial, some things should be taken care of. It is also known as anti aging facial, which means it should not be done by people of all ages. Know, some such things, which are important to take care.

1. This facial is for mature skin, so do not get it done before the age of 20.

2. After getting this facial done, do not use face wash or soap on the face.

3. Chemical products and machines are used in this facial, so pregnant women should not get this facial done.

4. Do not exfoliate the skin for a few days after getting a microcurrent facial.

5. If you follow the advice of experts, do not do makeup at all after getting this facial.

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