Mira Rajput Shows How to Use Sesame Seeds to Combat Winter Dryness

Mira Rajput Shows How to Use Sesame Seeds to Combat Winter Dryness

Shahid Kapoor’s wife and celebrity influencer Mira Rajput is always very active on social media and keeps interacting with fans on different things. Meera had recently told her fans through her Insta story that she uses sesame oil to get rid of her winter dryness.

Meera wrote on her story that to avoid winter dryness both inside and outside, she adds an extra spoon of ghee to her evening dal, applies sesame oil to her navel and soles of her feet, and also supplements with vitamin E capsules. I take

Mira Rajput Shows How to Use Sesame Seeds to Combat Winter Dryness

Why Meera uses sesame oil

When a user asked Meera on Instagram why and how she uses sesame oil on her body, Meera replied saying, Sesame oil is a vata pacifier. It reduces dryness inside and outside the body. Grounds the body and provides relief from any type of Vata. It also deals with the problem of lack of sleep.

The actress also told that she applies sesame oil on her navel and soles because veins get accumulated in both these places.

According to Ayurveda, people whose body is of Vata nature, they like sesame oil a lot and it helps in keeping the body moisturized and hydrated, increasing immunity and balancing the energy of the body.

How to include sesame oil in skincare

1. Before taking bath, massage the body with sesame oil for 10 minutes. Wait five minutes and wipe the body with a towel. Shower immediately. In this way, this oil acts as a cleanser.

2. To use sesame oil as a moisturizer, add one drop of it to your moisturizer.

3. You can mix it in your scrub and use it on your face for two days a week.

4. To use sesame oil as a sunscreen, apply it 30 minutes before going out in the sun.

5. If there is acne on the face, apply sesame oil on the tip of the pimples and leave it overnight.

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