Monochromatic Nails Tips to Choose Colours

Manicure hands and perfectly applied nail paints always look attractive. For those who find single color nail paints too boring and euphoria nails over the top, monochromatic nails are a good option to look creative and colorful.


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In monochromatic nail, different colors are applied to the ten fingers of the hand. Earlier, when the trend of monochromatic nails started, it used to apply one color in 8 fingers and different colors in 2, but now this trend is applied in a very creative way like you can apply different shades of the same color Or you can make patterns using colors. You can use different shades of the same color.

Monochromatic Nails Tips to Choose Colours

Keep These Things in Mind While Choosing Color for Monochromatic Nails

1. You can apply multiple shades of the same color in your hand.

2. You can apply colors one after the other by looking at the color wheel.

3. You can add a gorgeous touch to your nails with contrast colors, such as colors that are very different from or opposite each other on the color wheel.

If you’re trying monochromatic nails with nail extensions, choose a color based on the length and shape of your nails. While choosing a color, keep your skin tone and professional requirements in mind as the color combination of monochromatic nails grabs the attention of the people.

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