If you are Going to Monsoon Travel, Then Pack Important Things with Remembrance

If you are Going to Monsoon Travel, Then Pack Important Things with Remembrance

Monsoon Travel: Traveling in the monsoons becomes very difficult at times, do you feel the same way? But it is also quite tempting because it feels so good when you drink hot tea and see the beautiful green leaves. Is not it? Traveling in the rainy season is very good but at the same time there are many challenges in it. If you also want to enjoy the rainy season, then you must have these things too.

Because of this, we have brought you a list of some such essential things, which you must carry with you during the monsoon.

Going to Monsoon Travel

Monsoon Friendly Footwear

Your monsoon packing is incomplete without the right footwear. For this reason, do not pack footwear that is too fancy or slippery as it will spoil your fun in the rains. This is not a good season to show off your expensive shoes and also your feet are more dirty and soil gets spoiled by the shoes. For this reason, always wear boots and gumboots in the rain. You can keep your own flip flops if you want, but make sure they are not slippery.

Water Proof Bag

Carrying your normal bag in monsoon is not a good option for you. Your normal bag might get wet in a sudden rain. For this reason, always carry a waterproof bag that has plenty of pockets. The material of this type of bag is durable and good for rain. More pockets means you can keep more essentials in your bag.

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Mosquito Repellent

Many people like to go trekking during the monsoon season. One of the biggest risks during this time are mosquitoes. For this reason, keep mosquito repellent in your bag as well as keep bandages, skin creams and pain killers etc.

Waterproof / Silicone Mobile Case

Can you imagine your life without a mobile phone? No no because your mobile phone is very important for you but it is difficult to save the phone in the rains. Because of this silicone case is best for your mobile.

Beauty Essentials

It is very difficult to dry your hair after getting wet in the rain and it can give you a cold. For this reason always keep a hairdryer with you. Keep your hair dry so that you don’t get sick. Also, if you like to do makeup then you can keep waterproof makeup.

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Apart from this, keep lightweight, water-absorbing and monsoon friendly clothes. Cotton or synthetic fabric is the best option for this.

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