Try Green Moong Dal Face Pack to Remove the Signs of Aging

Green Moong Dal Face Pack: Wrinkles on the face and loose skin are related to each other. But the result is that the effect of age on the face or the signs of aging start appearing at an early age. All these things not only make your face look old, but it also makes you feel older than you. Wrinkles and pigmentation comes before your time, then it takes away the beauty of your face.

You cannot reduce your age, but you can definitely reduce the signs of your aging by coming on your face. If you are also seeing signs of aging on your face, then you do not need to go to the parlor and get expensive treatment, just for this you will need green moong dal.

Try Green Moong Dal Face Pack to Remove the Signs of Aging

For this face pack, you will not need whole moong or yellow moong dal but green moong dal and that too peeled. It acts as an anti aging on your skin. Not only this, green moong dal helps in exfoliating the skin and rejuvenating it. It also nourishes the skin to keep it healthy. This is due to the abundant vitamins and enzymes found in moong dal that lock the moisture in the skin. Because of this, you can avoid all kinds of skin problems.

How to Make Green Moong Dal Face Pack?

In fact, green moong face packs can be prepared in different ways for different beauty problems. It is very easy to make face pack with green moong dal. So let’s know how to make green moong dal face pack and that too step by step.

  • 2 tsp green moong dal
  • 1 tsp sandalwood powder
  • 4 almonds
  • 10 to 12 curry leaves
  • Half teaspoon honey
  • Rose water


Step 1 – First of all, soak green moong dal in water for some time.

Step 2 – After this wash the lentils and curry leaves. Then grind it in a mixer.

Step 3 – Once the lentils and curry leaves are ground, add everything else almonds, rose water, honey sandalwood powder and stir the mixer once again.

Step 4 – After making a soft paste, take it out in a bowl. It only takes half a minute to do this.

Step 5 – Now wash your face and then wipe it with a cloth and apply green moong dal face pack on it.

Step 6 – Apply this face pack on the face for at least 25 minutes and then wash it off with water.

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For better results, this face pack of green lentils should be applied thrice a week (Moong Dal Face Pack). By applying this face pack, wrinkles on the face are removed and the skin of the face also gets tightened. Since it contains vitamins A and C, it nourishes and naturally heals the skin.

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