Morning Walk is Stopped Then How to Control Calories

Morning Walk is stopped then how to control calories

Morning Walk: It is very important to make lifestyle changes to stay healthy. Then you are a young man, a grown up or an old man. Although people are becoming aware of their health in the present time, but during the corona period, you are afraid to go out or are afraid that you may not get corona from the air, there are some easy tips.

Yes, there are many benefits of walking in the morning, it also burns your calories, but if you are not able to walk in the morning, then you can control your food items. So let’s know what kind of 5 things you have to control.

Morning Walk is stopped then how to control calories

1. Paratha

Yes, paratha looks very good but if you are not able to do morning walk or any kind of workout then eat roti instead of paratha. There are about 200 calories in 1 paratha. The same roti has very few calories than this.

2. Ice cream

It is summer season, I feel like eating ice cream. But if you are not able to go on walk due to your laziness, then the calories are getting stored in your stomach itself. Yes, there are 600 calories in 1 cup of ice cream.

3. Chips or Namkeen

Namkeen is made by completely submerging it in oil. Although the oil does not remain so much after making, but there is a lot in the food item. If you also eat chips, there are 600 calories in 200 grams of chips.

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4. Chole Bhature

The weather is slowly changing now. That’s why sometimes I feel like eating something hot. Who doesn’t like Chole Bhature hot? But bhatures are made of maida and that too in oil. So try not to eat such food items.

5. Milk Shake

Milkshakes or cold drinks are preferred instead of hot milk in the summer season. By drinking it, the coolness also remains, we do not even feel weakness. But a glass of milk shake contains 750 calories. To burn which you will have to jump rope for about 70 minutes. Then these calories will be burned.

So now you must have known that if you are not able to do morning walk, then what you should not eat and how many calories are there in it. is your ultimate lifestyle destination and personal guide invites you to take a tour of exclusive information on Beauty, Health, Fashion, Relationships, Celebrities, Travel, Food, Parenting and more. Contact Email: