How to Get rid of Motion Sickness During Traveling

How to Get rid of Motion Sickness During Traveling

Often we have seen that during the journey, the health of some people starts deteriorating due to which the people with them also have to face problems. The nervousness, restlessness, dizziness and vomiting that occur during travel is called motion sickness. This problem is genetic. If your parents have motion sickness, then you are more likely to have the same thing. Actually what happens is that our brain is not able to coordinate with the signals of speed, image and sound, which has a bad effect on the body in the form of nervousness, dizziness and vomiting. This effect increases when the bus or car is moving up or down or turning. Motion sickness can also be aggravated by the strong smell of food items or petrol and diesel. If you or someone you know has such a problem, then they must try these 5 tips during the journey. With this, they can enjoy the journey to the fullest and that too without any hassle. know How to Get rid of Motion Sickness During Traveling.

1. Do not Travel on an Empty Stomach

If you think that if you travel on an empty stomach, then vomiting will not come. So your thinking is absolutely wrong. Because with an empty stomach, the head rotates more and there is more motion sickness. That’s why always go on a journey after eating something or the other. But do not eat fried and roasted during this time. Consuming cold fruit juices or juicy fruits will prove beneficial for you. Juice or juicy fruits do not allow heat in the stomach, due to which you will not vomit during travel.

2. Do not Sit in The Back Seat of The Car

While traveling, always keep in mind that do not sit facing the opposite direction or sit in the back seat. This increases the anxiety. Therefore, always travel by sitting in the middle or front seat. If possible, sit near a window and enjoy the fresh air.

3. Listen to Music

There is a lot of power in music. It heals you as well as takes you to another world. If you like to listen to music, then save your favorite songs collection in your mobile and enjoy the music by closing your eyes when you feel that your health is deteriorating during the journey. Trust me it will make you feel good.

4. Lemon is also Effective

Due to the strong smell, someone’s life starts to panic in the journey. In such a situation, smelling lemon also gives relief. Actually lemon contains citric acid which provides relief in problems like gas, indigestion and vomiting. If you also feel nauseous during travel, then drinking lemonade or lemon soda can provide immediate relief.

5. Keep a Piece of Ginger with you

If possible, keep a small piece of ginger with you during the journey, in case of panic, keep eating it little by little. This can prevent motion sickness. Actually, ginger has antiemetic properties which prevents vomiting and dizziness. It would be better if you go out after drinking ginger tea before the journey.

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